PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 Confirmed To Release On September 8

PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 Confirmed To Release On September 8

A few days back, PUBG Mobile invited players from around the globe for the ‘New Era‘ announcement, which went live a minutes ago.

In the announcement, developers talked about some massive changes that are about to come with the PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update. Also, PUBG Mobile confirmed the release date for the much-awaited Update 1.0.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.0 Release Date

PUBG Mobile announced an official release date for Update 1.0, which is September 8, 2020. PUBG Mobile fanatics already predicted that the next major update for most favorite battle royale games would go live in early September. Well, it looks like the rumors were right after all.

A New Era In PUBG Mobile

Along with an official release date, PUBG Mobile also talked about all the significant changes that’ll accompany Update 1.0, most of them already being available in PUBG Mobile Beta.

First of all, PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update is going to completely transform the game’s lobby with an updated user interface. According to PUBG Mobile, the new user interface will be more interactive for players while also being comfortable for the eyes.

Interestingly, there will be a multi-screen switching mode exclusively for PUBG Mobile. It further means that Update 1.0 will organize different game’s functions into pages, which players can access from the lobby.

Other than that, PUBG Mobile also announced a lot of visual changes that are about to come with Update 1.0. There will be improved lighting, texture quality, and smoke effects with the upcoming Ultra HD graphics. So, players will experience the environment of PUBG Mobile with more clarity.

Mysterious Surprise: Erangel 2.0?

Finally, PUBG Mobile mentioned a ‘Long-awaited’ surprise that is soon to come in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile didn’t talk much about this mysterious surprise; however, PUBG Mobile may be hinting players towards Erangel 2.0.

That’s because, just like every other discussed feature in the video, the revamped version of Erangel is also available in the beta version of PUBG Mobile. So, it’s quite evident that Erangel 2.0 is PUBG Mobile’s ‘Mysterious Surprise,’ which will finally release with the upcoming Update 1.0.

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