Netflix is an awesome streaming service with a huge library of shows and movies. But what’s better than Netflix? It’s watching Netflix for free! Given that Stranger Things Season 3 is just around the corner, let’s check out the various ways through which you can watch Stranger Things for free.

Let’s take a closer look at all the legal methods to get Netflix for free —

1. Get a free Netflix trial

Netflix offers a free, month-long trial to anyone who’d like to try the service. During the free trial, you get unlimited access to all the content available on the platform, including the new Stranger Things Season 3. Apart from streaming, you also get to download the videos for offline viewing.

All you need to do is sign up on the website. For that, you will need to enter a payment method: credit card, debit card, PayPal account, or Netflix gift code.

You will also need an email account that isn’t already tied to another Netflix account. So keep both of them ready beforehand and follow these steps to set up a free trial Netflix account:

Step 1. Visit

get free netflix

Step 2. Click on TRY 30 DAYS FREE

get free netflix

Step 3. Select SEE THE PLANS

get free netflix

Step 4. On this page, you will see three different plans, namely, Basic, Standard, and Premium. After you have selected your plan, click on CONTINUE

get free netflix

Step 5. Enter your email account and set-up a password. Click on CONTINUE

get free netflixStep 6. Select a payment method. (Based on your region, you may or may not get PayPal as a payment option)

Step 7. Fill in the payment details, then select START MEMBERSHIP

That’s it. You can now watch Netflix for free for the next 30 days, including Stranger Things Season 3. Netflix won’t deduct the amount until the end of 30 days, so you can cancel your subscription anytime before it.

Netflix is generous enough to send you a reminder email three days before the free trial expires.

2. Get multiple free-trials on Netflix

You can sign up for multiple free trials on Netflix using a different payment method and email address each time you sign up.

get free netflix

A word of advice: According to Netflix’s rule book, only one free trial is allowed per person and its algorithm is pretty good at detecting devices and accounts to verify if it’s the same person.

So make sure you repeat the sign-up process using a different email and billing method. If you have multiple credit cards, you can use them. Alternatively, you can get a Visa gift card, add money to it and use it to set up your free Netflix account.

Every time you want to sign up for a new trial, you need to repeat this process with a different email and billing method. If you have access to multiple credit cards, you can use those. If you don’t, you can pick up a Visa gift card, put some money on it, and use that.

In case you don’t have multiple credit cards or maybe you’ve exhausted all of them, you can simply set up a PayPal account and link it to those credit or debit cards you have, and use it to get another free trial.

This method works because Netflix doesn’t check the credit card linked to your PayPal account and thus allows you to use the same card more than once.

Just in case you aren’t sure where to get new email addresses each time, check out our list of free email services where you can always make a fresh email account.

3. Borrow a Netflix account from friends or family

This is the easiest, legal and free method to get a Netflix account for free and watch Stranger Things Season 3 without spending a penny. You can always find a family member or friend who trusts you enough to share the Netflix login credentials.

While the Basic plan on Netflix allows only one TV show or movie streaming, the Standard and Premium plan lets you watch multiple videos on multiple devices.

The Standard plan allows up to two different videos at once, whereas the Premium plan offers four shows or movies at the same time.

So just in case, anyone you know has a Standard or Premium plan, you can watch Netflix for free without going through the hassle of making a new profile each month.

4. Get free Netflix Account from your phone or cable operator

Based on your location, you can avail offers from your cell phone network provider and cable operators, which contains a free Netflix account.

Please note that this isn’t a completely free method since you’d have to become a customer and pay for their services to avail such promotional offer. Nevertheless, it is a legitimate method of getting Netflix for free without paying directly or extra for the service.

If you are looking to change your network or cable provider, you can go for the one that offers a free Netflix account. Alternatively, you can check if your existing provider has any plans that come bundled with free access to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Go.

Get Netflix for free with T-Mobile

free netflix tmobile

Here are all the eligible plans by T-Mobile that come with a Netflix subscription offer:

1. Magenta plans

This plan covers up to $8.99 towards the Netflix Basic plan priced at $8.99. With this plan, you can watch videos on 1 screen at a time in standard definition and download videos on 1 phone or tablet.

2. Magenta Plus plans

T-Mobile covers up to $12.99 towards the Netflix Standard plan priced at $12.99. With this plan, you can watch videos on 2 screens simultaneously in high definition and download videos on 3 phones or tablets.

3. T-Mobile ONE

In this plan, T-Mobile says it will cover up to $10.99 towards the Netflix Standard plan priced at $12.99. You can watch movies and TV shows on 2 screens simultaneously in high definition and download videos on two phones or tablets. But you’ll have to pay $2/month.

4. T-Mobile ONE w/ ONE Plus

This plan covers the Netflix Standard plan priced at $12.99. You get to watch Netflix for free on 2 screens and download videos on 2 devices.

Get Netflix for free with Verizon Fios

If you are an existing Verizon Fios customer or you are planning to be one, you can get a free Netflix subscription with it. Not just any plan, but the $15.99 Premium package, which includes HD streams, with UHD content when available and 4 screens.

Get Netflix for free with Airtel

airtel netflix plan

Postpaid Airtel users in India can opt for the INR 499 or above Infinity postpaid plans to watch Stranger Things Season 3 for free in India. Once you have it, you will be able to see this offer on the Thanks page or Airtel TV app.

Under this offer, users will get a Basic plan for 3 months (worth INR 1500). After the free period, each bill will be added to your monthly Airtel bill.

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