9 Best Netflix Alternative Sites To Satisfy Your Inner Filmophile | 2018 Edition

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When it comes to calling out the best streaming services on the internet, Netflix is a name you can’t deny. The US-based streaming that brought binge-watching into the lives of many is the home to numerous talked-about titles. How can one forget House of Cards, Crown, Orange Is The New Black. and more.

But even with tons of content, Netflix isn’t the only streaming service on the planet; there are a lot of sites like Netflix as well.

Netflix sucks? There are a lot of competitors of Netflix

We can easily find streaming services that feature good content but keep low on the price label. If it’s not about the price, some people may want to know sites like Netflix just for the change in the catalog.

Many people also rant about the different catalog of the streaming service across regions, mostly due to licensing restrictions. Probably, that could be one of the reasons Netflix has started to focus more on originals movies and tv shows.

So, here are some Netflix alternatives that you might want to consider if you somehow consumed what it offers or you don’t have a special place for Netflix in your heart.

9 Netflix Alternative Streaming Services To Try In 2018

1. Amazon Prime Video

Best Streaming Services in India 2 Prime Video

Just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video needs no introduction. The popular streaming service is also available in more than 100 countries across the globe. The service comes bundled with monthly Prime subscription provided by Amazon. So, it becomes a way cheaper deal.

Prime Video may not have its content catalog up to the extent of Netflix, but it’s enough to serve the needs of its subscribers. Amazon also has many in-house productions including some great shows like American Gods, Z: The Begining of Everything, Man In The High Castle, etc.

Now, what’s best about Prime Video is that you can get comparatively cheaper access to other streaming services. You can subscribe to different add-ons called Channels including Showtime, Fandor, HBO, etc. So, besides being one of the best Netflix alternatives, Prime Video can act a central hub for your streaming services. But it requires an active Amazon Prime membership and an additional monthly fee.

Why use Amazon Prime Video?
  • Comes with music subscription and free delivery
  • A diverse range of content

2. Hulu

Best Netflix Alternative 2 Hulu

This is yet another US-based streaming site like Netflix that offers access to thousands of movies and TV shows from leading networks like AMC, PBS, Starz, 21st Century Fox. The streaming service isn’t as popular as Netflix because of its non-availability in many parts of the globe.

Hulu ranks among Netflix alternatives with its collection of Original programs including The Handmaid’s Tale, The Path, Difficult People, etc. It offers access to the content from HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, but an extra fee is charged to avail the same; you also need to pay extra to remove ads. The streaming service has means to comfort you in case you are finding it hard to ditch your god old cable connection. Hulu also offers Live TV streaming of many popular channels with Cloud DVR support.

Why use Hulu?
  • Visually appealing and easy to use interface
  • Streaming of Live TV channels

3. HBO Now

Best Netflix Alternative 3 HBO Now

It’s no doubt that many of the HBO shows can easily provoke the binge watcher inside you. But cable networks don’t allow you to go as per your will and watch your favorite shows anytime.

Turns out, this premium cable network is willing to help US-based cord cutters get what they want. With over 5 million subscribers, HBO Now is the Netflix alternative for the lovers of shows like Westworld and Game of Thrones.

Compelling as it may sound but the internet-only streaming service doesn’t come cheap. One will have to shell out $14.99 per month. It gives access to all of HBO Now’s movies, tv shows, documentaries, sports streams, etc. Users can stream it on virtually unlimited number of supported devices.

There is another streaming service called HBO Go which comes bundled with the cable subscription. It offers the same content as HBO Now with no extra charge, but one is still paying for the cable.

Why use HBO Now?
  • Internet-powered replacement for HBO
  • Great cross-platform support without any device limit
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4. Hooq

Best Netflix Alternative 4 Hooq

Hooq, which also ranks among the best streaming services in India, started off more than three years ago and has its presence in Asian countries, including Singapore, Thailand etc. In terms of pricing, Hooq costs nothing in comparison to Netflix.

This streaming site like Netflix features popular DC shows like Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow in its collection of over 10,000 movies and TV shows. It also offers limited rentals allowed users to watch new movies without waiting much.

Why use Hooq?
  • Hell lot cheap than others
  • Good collection of Hollywood movies

5. Fandor

Best Netflix Alternative 5 Fandor

You may call Fandor the SoundCloud of video streaming where you mostly find movies and documentaries that are independently made. But one might not want to subscribe to Fandor if popular Hollywood movies remain on the top of their watchlist.

One assuring fact known about this streaming service is that almost every movie submitted goes past human eyes. What makes Fandor a worthy choice in the list of Netflix competitors and alternatives is its catalog of over 6,000 movies accessible through an easy to use interface with well-defined categories and sub-categories.

Fandor gives you two weeks of free access after which there is a monthly fee of $10 per month. So, it might not be the pocket-friendly service one might want to consider but great if you want to watch content that’s not available on many platforms.

People can get lower prices by subscribing to the annual plan and when Fandor comes with MoviePass.

Why use Fandor?
  • Massive collection of indie movies
  • An editorial section featuring interesting articles and videos

6. Mubi

Best Netflix Alternative 6 Mubi

The streaming service MUBI doesn’t feature tons of movies in à la carte collection that you can watch anytime. It’s like an online movie theatre that allows you watch a movie for 30 days after which it gets replaced. Each day a new handpicked title is made available to the subscribers.

The idea of someone else picking out movies sounds great when there are services like Prime Video that make sure you can’t find some great movies to watch. Rather than generalizing it, I would call this Nextflix alternative more of a personal experience.

With the lack of TV shows and mainstream titles, Mubi can efficiently cater to the needs of filmophiles with love for classics, art, and old gold. But Mubi’s movie pickers don’t forget to consider viewing habits of people because data is essential everywhere.

Under “Now Showing,” you can browse the site’s limited movie collection. Each title displays the number of days after which it’ll be taken down. After the free 7-day trial of the movie streaming service ends, you can go for the $7.5 monthly plan.

Why use Mubi?
  • Saves time by listing handpicked cult, classic, and international films
  • Available in over 200 countries with affordable plans

7. Filmstruck

Best Netflix Alternative 7 Filmstruck

Launched in 2016, Filmstruck has been loved by subscribers for its loads of restored international and Hollywood titles, thanks to Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies as a part of a joint venture. The name Criterion has been in people’s memories when talking about DVDs and Blueray discs stuffed with classic art films. Filmstruck is the new online home for such titles. Earlier this year, it also added movies from the Warner Bros. library.

This alternative to Netflix comes with a constantly refreshing library along with rare footage and special features. It’s the part of the regular Filmstruck plans that comes for $6.99/month (14-day free trial). To access the Criterion Collection channel, you’ll have to go for the higher priced plan.

Why use Filmstruck?
  • If you have a thirst for old movies.

8. Hotstar

Best Streaming Services in India 3 Hotstar

If you’re living in India and searching for an inexpensive Netflix alternative, Hotstar may be the name you want to consider. The content catalog offered by this streaming service has everything from daily soaps, Bollywood movies, cricket, live sports, international movies and TV shows. While you can watch free movies and shows, the international content requires payment.

Hotstar also fills the HBO void in the Indian streaming market by offering access to popular shows of the network, along with titles from ABC and Showtime. All of that comes with a price tag of INR 199/mo ($3/mo).

Why use Hotstar?
  • Stream live cricket, live news, Indian TV shows, and movies
  • Cheap plans

9. Crackle

Best Netflix Alternative 8 Mubi

How about sites like Netflix that don’t ask you to pay money? Sony’s Crackle is the name that comes to the mind along with some other notable free movie sites. This free-of-cost streaming service includes a collection of movies and TV shows that are served on a rotating basis. You can enjoy shows like Seinfeld but don’t rant if your favorite content isn’t available. Afterall, it isn’t charging. That’s the reason Crackles find its name in the Netflix competitors lists.

Crackle also has its collection of Original shows and movies. The viewing experience is good and you don’t even have to create a user account to watch its content. There is no cut down on video quality but be prepared to get bombarded with ads every now and then. A possible disadvantage is that the streaming service is limited to the US, but then there are workaround people can try.

Why use Crackle?
  • Provides free streaming of movies and TV shows

So, these were some services that you can get in the name of a worthy Netflix alternative. Many of these streaming services offer free trials as well. This would make it easier for you to come to a decision if you’re one of the people who think Netflix sucks. Do give them a try and don’t forget to share your valuable feedback.

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