Vivaldi Launches First Android Automotive Browser For Polestar 2

vivaldi ploestar 2 browser

Android Automotive is Google’s solution for a full-fledged operating system for in-car entertainment. It has its Play Store and other applications, unlike Android Auto. Likewise, Vivaldi has launched the first web browser for Android Automotive, available for the Polestar 2 vehicle.

A web browser is a first for Android Automotive, as there hasn’t been a dedicated browser for cars. Vivaldi is an already-popular web browser on desktop, and mobile platforms focused on privacy. The secure web browser is coming to Android Automotive.

The web browser takes safety into consideration right from its launch. Vivaldi said in an announcement, “To ensure safety, the browser can only be used when parked. Streaming content will continue audio-only once the drive commences. Some functional restrictions may apply, for example, files cannot be downloaded.”

It’s evident that Vivaldi curated this variant of the web browser to be suitable while driving. Moreover, the Android Automotive variant of the browser contains limited features. For instance, this release does not have features like accordion tabs, file downloads, and scanning QR codes.

The Polestar 2 was the first vehicle to come with Android Automotive, and the Vivaldi port has been curated to fit its 11-inch screen. Vivaldi’s blog post also states that a dedicated browser has been among the “top desires from Polestar owners.”

However, the browser release is only available for Polestar 2 owners. It’s the only car with Android Automotive to get Vivaldi’s latest browser. It’s not sure when browser support for other Android Automotive vehicles will arrive. Polestar 2 owners needed the feature to be in line with the competition. Tesla offers significant competition to Polestar, and they already have web browsers.

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