Valorant Tethered Realms Bundle Leaked: Release Date & Price Expectations

Valorant Tethered Realms Bundle Leaked Release Date, Price, And Details

Valorant’s patch day is around the corner, bringing a new game mode, Replication. While the community is eagerly waiting for Escalation’s release, a new leak has surfaced, showcasing an upcoming Valorant skin leak, Valorant’s Tethered Realms bundle, alongside Valorant’s Minima bundle.

The new map Breeze was launched a while back, and since then, players have had a good time exploring the map. Moreover, Viper is getting some nerfs in the upcoming patch 2.09, but we’ll discuss more on that later. First, let’s see what the leaks have shown us so far about the new bundle in Valorant.

Valorant Tethered Realms Bundle

In a Dev-Talk with YouTuber aSmoogl, we see Valorant devs explaining the concept behind the new bundle. Named “Tethered Realms,” the bundle includes guns that change their colors. Yes, guns with changing colors with respect to light; you can see the animation in this video below.

The developers explain how they’ve played around with the designs of Valorant’s Tethered realms bundle with the story of sovereign and forsaken bundle; and how the two represent different worlds. Moreover, describing the notion behind the sovereign and forsaken bundles being the light and dark fighting for their own beliefs.

Tethered Realms Price

As of now, we don’t have any information about the pricing of Valorant’s Tethered Realms bundle and when it will be available in the game. However, by the looks of the bundle and the animations, we’re expecting the bundle’s price to be in the premium or the ultra edition; players can expect the bundle to be priced above 7000 VP.

Tethered bundle sword

Apart from the changing of colors and the storyline behind the making of the skins, the highlight of Valorant’s Tethered Realms bundle is the sword, the same weapon we see in the final kill animation of the sovereign bundle. For the first time in Valorant, players will have access to two melee weapons simultaneously.

However, the second melee weapon (the knife) is only a first-person experience, as can be seen in this Valorant new skin leak, meaning the enemy player won’t see the dual melee to avoid any confusion among the players explains the developers.

Valorant Minima bundle

Another bundle that the devs showcased in the video is the Valorant’s new Minima bundle. The designers took a minimalistic approach towards designing the skins in this bundle, as the weapons don’t feature any flashy elements.

The name itself explains that the weapons in this bundle are designed taking a minimalistic approach. We’re sure not everyone will be a fan of Valorant’s Minima bundle and might seem rather bland to some players, but this one clearly sets itself apart from the rest of the weapons in Valorant.

Valorant Minima Bundle Price

According to a recent leak by @ValorLeaks, Valorant’s new Minima Bundle will lie in the deluxe category. The price of the Minima bundle will be 5100 VP. Meanwhile, you can find the price list of each weapon in Valorant’s upcoming Minima Bundle.

  • Minima Phantom: 1275 VP
  • Minima Spectre: 1275 VP
  • Minima Sheriff: 1275 VP
  • Minima Operator: 1275 VP
  • Minima Ares: 1275 VP

Every weapon in the Minima bundle is priced the same. While this is just a leak, and no information has come from Riot. Moreover, it is not written in stone that the prices will be the same upon the launch of the Minima bundle; it indeed gives a decent idea about the actual cost of Valorant’s Minima bundle.

Well, for now, this is all the information we have on these bundles that will soon be making their way to Valorant. If new information surfaces about any other details like the pricing of these bundles, we’ll surely update the info here.

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