Valorant Episode 2, Act 3: New Map And Coach Slots Coming?

Valorant Episode 2, Act 3 New Map, Coach Slots Coming

Riot Games has always introduced new content with every new act, be it a new agent or a new map. As Valorant‘s Act 3 is near, leaks and news of new content have begun surfacing. Valorant’s episode 2 of Act 2 concludes on April 27, and Act 3 will kick off afterward.

Act 2 of Valorant came with significant changes to the game, featuring a new agent, Astra. The Ghanian agent is a controller type and uses her astral abilities like a gravity well and nova pulse to hold enemies out of sites.

While act 2 introduced a new agent and changes to the competitive queue, let’s see what changes Valorant’s act 3 might have when it comes on April 27.

New Map in Valorant’s Act 3?

Teasers of a new map called “Breeze” have surfaced on the internet. Valorant’s Twitter account first teased the map on April 21 in a tweet, giving players a first look at the map. Moreover, as the name suggests, Breeze will be a coastal-themed map, a first for Valorant.

One thing to note here is that Riot Games haven’t officially revealed anything about the map being added to Valorant in the coming Act 3. If Breeze is officially confirmed, it will be the sixth map to be added in Valorant.

Coach Slots in patch 2.08

Valorant blog post for coach slots

Coach slots for Valorant have been in the talks for a long time now. Valorant coaches have been seeking coach slots to observe their players better. Given these demands, Valorant devs made it official in a blog post that coach slots will be coming to Valorant’s act 3 in patch 2.08. Additionally, it seems like the devs also have something else planned alongside coach slots.

However, it is not clear when the devs will add patch 2.08; we can assume that it will come with act 3.

Ultimately, this is all that has been revealed so far about Valorant’s next act. In case something else pops up, we’ll update the information in this article.

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