Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Gets Fresh Desktop Theme

ubuntu yaru theme after_light_dark

As Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is due to be released in April 2020, the Ubuntu Desktop team has announced a new default theme.

For those who don’t know, Yaru is the theme being used since Ubuntu 18.10. Yaru, Canonical Design, and Ubuntu Desktop team have geared up collaboratively to ship the successor of the Yaru theme in the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS version.

In the ongoing UI development phase, the new designs have been planned for some elements that include checkboxes, radio buttons, and switches that will change from green to Ubuntu aubergine.

Currently, Linux desktops, along with macOS and Windows, are limited to only light and dark theme choices. But, with 20.04 LTS, Ubuntu has planned to include a third choice of light throughout.

Along with the light and dark variations, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will include a third variation choice in the standard version with light controls and dark headers.

ubuntu yaru theme new

The option of switching between these variations will be available in the settings. These variations will also be available for shell elements, such as the top bar and notification bubbles.

To make the upcoming Ubuntu Desktop version more distinctive, more upgradation in the design of the folder icons and other elements is continued, which will be disclosed at a later stage.

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