Twitter “Spaces”: The Live Audio Platform Is Working on New Rules and Replay Option

Twitter “Spaces”: The Live Audio Platform Is Working on New Rules and Replay Options
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After the success of other live audio platforms like the ‘Clubhouse and Spotify Greenroom,’ Twitter “Spaces” has also planned to roll out some comprehensive changes exclusively offered by the platform only. 

This comes when such audio rooms and their conversations are potentially more impulsive and interactive and are widely appreciated by the audience. Twitter’s move and updates on the platform can also be considered an essential competition and feature enhancement considering its rivals.

The new proposed updates could include introducing a replay option and some essential rules and guidelines for participants to have an interactive experience and have a managed and disciplined live chat.

Twitter “Spaces”: News Features and their Efficiency

During the development phase, the feature was discovered by developer and app researcher Nima Owji in Twitter’s code. This code has highlighted the inclusion of four new options to ‘Spaces,” providing the host with more control and authority.

Since these features are the findings from the code by an expert, certain information such as its implementation date, time, and more revised uses is still unknown to the public. We are still lining up the proposed changes and hope to get this functional soon.

As per Owji, A proposed efficient guideline currently not very much defined would help users of the platform. The main emphasis is to provide and enhance the host’s responsibility and control. Apart from this, there will be options to block space, letting users restrict live conversations to a particular headcount.

Being a live platform, the chances of missing out on important conversations are natural considering the platform’s design and work. Well, Twitter has tried to answer this and is planning to develop a new option called “replay.” The replay option will let the users listen to the conversation even after it is completed. Furthermore, this would also let the particular user know about the various information about the spaces such as duration, number of people, and much more.

What could the changes imply?

Coming from a giant microblogging site, the ‘Spaces’ itself is a big competition and rival to other platforms such as ‘Spotify’s Greenroom and Clubhouse‘ Well, considering the popularity of the first introduced platform – Clubhouse – other potential players have to do something to either prove their dominance or to show their presence in the market.

Another important thing to consider is that such platforms are now becoming storehouses of productive and important conversations. Since there is only one option to raise your voice other than completely showing your presence and face to others, these platforms are turning out to help those who are not extroverts but still are willing to have their say!

Such platforms are often welcomed, and within no time, people find themselves in a pond of such platforms offering the best than the others.

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