Twitter Is Bringing Back The Reverse Chronological Feed Option

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Micro-blogging site Twitter has decided to bring back its old way of displaying tweets on a timeline- in reverse chronological order, as a new update for this has started rolling out.

Twitter users will now be able to view the latest tweets on the basis of when they were posted, however, you can still keep the popular tweets on top.

To recall, after a couple of testing routines, Twitter, back in 2016, changed its timeline algorithms which showcased the tweets based on popularity instead of newness which led to the appearance of older tweets on top. However, following criticism, the old tweet display is back.

Having said that, the feature is currently available for the iPhone users.

Here is how you can use the new feature:

  • You are first required to log into your Twitter account and ensure it is up-to-date.
  • With the new update, on the top right corner, now appears a new group of stars which the company calls Sparkle.
  • Clicking on the Sparkle option will allow you to view your timeline in reverse chronological order.

The Twitter for web users can also make use of the new feature by clicking on the profile picture on the top right corner, selecting the Settings option, scrolling down to the Content section, and unticking the ‘Show the best tweets first’ to enable the reverse chronological order of tweets.

The reverse chronological order of tweets will reach out to Android and other platforms in the coming weeks.

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