Artist Reveals The Hidden Power Of Microsoft Excel We Didn’t Know

Horiuschi ms excel art main
It’s time we should stop underestimating the real potential of software and apps. If you weren’t convinced by the MS Paint masterpieces created by Pat Hines, what this artist did using Excel will definitely blow your mind.

Japan-based Tatsuo Horiuchi has perfected MS Excel — the software that for a long has time has been a daily driver for corporate workers trying to finish spreadsheets before the deadline. Nobody would have ever realized MS Excel could be used to create beautiful pictures.

Horiuchi, retired for almost 15 years, started using Excel after watching his colleagues in the office drawing graphs neatly. His artwork has been on the web for years and also featured in Gunma Museum of Art, Japan.

To make the images, Horiuchi uses the Autoshape function in Excel. Check out the MS Excel art in the pictures below:

Tatsuo Horisuchi MS Excel Art Tatsuo Horisuchi MS Excel Art 2 Tatsuo Horisuchi MS Excel Art 3 Tatsuo Horisuchi MS Excel Art 4

See more of his creations on Business Insider.

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