Twitter Will Give You A Heads Up If You’re About To Get Into A Twitter Fight

Twitter heads-up Twitter fights
Image: Twitter

Thanks to the internet moving from funny cat videos to political arguments, you’ll get a heads up from Twitter if you’re about to enter a Twitter fight. The platform says it is still a “work in progress” that should improve over time.

Twitter is testing these iOS and Android prompts. This will give you a heads up saying, “Conversations like this can be intense.” The prompts will also remind you that you’re about to get into an argument with a real “human,” and you should be “communicating with respect.” Twitter heads-up will also ask you to check the facts to “help everyone.”

Twitter Fights Need Not Be Fights

The first rule of tweet club is that you don’t have to fight on tweet club. Twitter wants its users to be civil and respectful of other users. While it is still in the testing phase, Twitterati catches the prompts, flagging funny conversations as potential fights. One such sighting is linked in the Tweet below.

Another user pointed out that the algorithm flagged the above tweet after spotting the word “yelling” and the uppercase “NO” at the end. There’s not much feedback from Twitter on the feature set, but a string of suspended and limited account queries have flooded the comment section.

Zack from Jerry Rig Everything retweeted the new feature, appreciating how it would act as “a little reminder that there’s a real person on the other side of every tweet.” This is the first time a social media platform would actively tell users to be polite to others. Twitter fight prompts could also be suitable for those trying to steer clear of heavy thread.

What do you think about the new Twitter feature? Will it work, or should Twitter stay the way it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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