Cheap and Low-Tech Device Help Paralysis Patients to “Speak”

paralysis patients communicate
paralysis patients communicate


Technology has been the key driver in integrating and assimilating the aspirations and expectations of a large number of people the world over. It has always worked for the well-being of the ones who are underprivileged or deprived in a way or other.

A British mechanical engineering student has created a low-cost digital letter board that allows paralyzed beings to communicate effectively and easily without the need for an interpreter.

The mind behind the innovation is of Loughborough University student, Robert Green. He has developed a prototype at the total cost of £164. The device uses a software which detects the eye blinks and finger movements and converts them into sentences which are then read aloud.

The main objective behind this project is to improve the lives and provide a voice to the ones who are unable to speak and the ones who have very limited body movements.paralysis-patients-communicate

The device uses an optical reflectance sensor, a pair of 3D cinema glasses and two resistors. The sensor is fixed on the frame of the glasses close to the user’s eye. It emits an infrared signal at the white of the user’s eye. The software analyses the signals to detect if any change has happened.

In case there is a change, the user is able to scroll through the letter board and select letters which then form sentences and are read aloud by the computer aided with a predictive text function.

This device surely offers hope to many and makes possible what was once regarded unimaginable. However, the vision of the future in this technology driven world cannot be based on what seems possible rather it needs to be decided according to what has to be made possible and it is enchanting to note that we are moving in the right direction. We hope that the technology in the next few decades will give us a new direction, new solutions and new hopes to millions.

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Via: Loughborough University

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