Turn Your Android Phone Into A Secondary Monitor With Duet Display

Duet Display on Android

Duet Display has always been a life savior for users who want a secondary display on the go. The app already enables iOS users to extend their macOS screen or a PC screen on a nearby iPad or an iPhone.

Now, Duet Display is available for Android smartphones and Chromebooks.

How does Duet Display work?

Download the app on your Android device and connect it to your computer over a wired or wireless connection. To make it work, you have to install the desktop companion app on your PC or Mac.

As for iPhone or iPad users, you can connect to the system using either USB to 30-pin adapter, lightning cable, USB-C and/or USB-C to USB-C.

However, the perk does come at a price. Duet Display’s starting price is $9.99 for both the platforms — Android and iOS.

Why is Duet Display best in its class?

The price point might invoke second thoughts about installing the app. However, given the features and experience, the app is worth every penny.

Duet has been top-rated among the Apple users becasue it offers lag-free and stutter-free experience even on the older generation Macs. It can deliver video playback of 60 frames per second with no frame drop, whatsoever.

The Duet team believes that Android users will see the same kind of performance.

“Given that our iOS product has five years of work in it, we expect them to be equal as we continue developing Android and find new optimizations,” said Duet CEO and founder Rahul Dewan @TheVerge

Apple SideCar vs. Duet Display

Apple will be launching Apple SideCar with the upcoming release of macOS Catalina in October. SideCar features the same functionality of delivering a secondary display for iPads.

Duet Display has remained the sole winner in the duel display monitor setup. However, the software will likely take a huge blow after the release of SideCar. However, Duet Display thinks otherwise.

“Sidecar is a free product made for casual users…and we have many features they don’t… Professionals…will likely prefer the performance & customizability of Duet.” said Dewan.

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