How to Create Your Own Google Deep Dream Nightmares in Seconds

google dream robot batman
google dream robot batman


Google’s Deep Dream robot has been creating one hell of a stir in recent weeks and fossBytes isn’t untouched by the same. Last week, we told you the secret behind these nightmarish and trippy images that can leave a bad taste in your mouth instantly. Today, we are going one step further and telling you a way to create your own Google Deep Dream nightmares and feel weird and disgusted.

Ever since Google has released its source code for the Deep Dreaming robot, enthusiasts have been using the same to create their art and sharing on the internet. I bet you were feeling kind of left out. Well, thanks to Dreamscope web app,  now creating your own trippy images is just a second’s work.

How to Create Your Google Deep Dream Nightmares in Seconds?

Just visit the Dreamscope website and you’ll be welcomed by tons of pictures of people trying out the deep dreaming on themselves. While browsing the website, be careful as there are some NSFW images too.


On the website, you will be seeing an evil upload button at the top right corner. Click on it and you’ll be taken to another page, where you’ll be getting the option to choose images from your device. There is another sign up option to create HD images. You can upload pictures and select any filter to get different deep dream patterns. The thing that remains same each time is a weird, scary, and unpleasant image. Depending upon the size of the uploaded image, Dreamscope web app takes some time to process the input. You can share and download the images using the given options.

Here’s a tip: For more weird and trippy images, re-upload your deep dream images and see the magic.

These trippy effects are a result of Google’s neural network and how machine interprets images. Google’s deep dreaming robot tries to identify various features in images. Weird things happen when the system is flipped and it starts working on its own. The robot tries to taking its own assumptions and identifies animal like features.


Try this tool and post your deep dreaming pictures below.

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