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We recently informed you about the situation of Linux gaming on Steam and the number of Linux users are steadily increasing. Well, today another report from the creator of Ubuntu seeks to highlight the top 5 snaps being used across popular Linux distros. The report also highlights what a good chunk of Linux users does on their systems in terms of workloads.

Igor Ljubuncic from Canonical (Via Betanews) said, “Indeed, the individual and vastly varied choice of a favorite distribution has played a major part in shaping the community conversation in the Linux space.”

To help different Linux distro users see a common light, the creator of Ubuntu — Canonical — shared the data of the top 5 snaps being used across some of the most popular Linux distros.

The data has been revealed for the following Linux distros – Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, and Manjaro.

Top 5 Snaps of Linux Distros

Arch-Linux Debian CentOS Ubuntu Manjaro Fedora
Spotify Spotify Wekan VLC Spotify Spotify
Code lxd lxd Spotify code VLC
Skype Firefox micro8s skype slack code
Discord next cloud Spotify chromium discord Postman
Slack pycharm community helm canonical-livepatch skype slack

It is interesting to see that a lot of Linux distro users prefer to use the Spotify app instead of the web player. Websites and services like Slack, VLC and surprisingly Skype also seem to have found their place among the Linux community.

The Snap choices for Ubunto Manjaro, Fedora and Arch-Linux users seem to be quite similar. However, Snaps in CentOS differ a lot from what the rest of the distro users choose. Discord is another Snap being used by several Linux users.

It is also clear that Ubuntu Snaps are also the ones most popularly used across Windows laptops. These snaps are the most consumer-oriented among the bunch.

“As we can see from the data, the diversity that exists in the Linux distro world also propagates into how people use their software,” said Ljubuncic.

Linux Users Have A LOT of Options

Windows 10 is by far the most popular OS across all the desktops and laptops in the world. According to a report, the Windows market share is around a staggering 87.50% while the Linux usage is only across 2.14% of computers.

With such a big room to fill, mainstream snaps like Slack, Discord, Skype and Chromium are definitely going to increase the market share of the Linux community in the future.

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