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GitHub undoubtedly has the most popular repositories in the coding world. It isn’t just a code hosting service which offers version control — it also serves a huge network of developers across the world.

Currently, GitHub hosts over 30 million accounts, 2+ million organizations, and more than 96 million repositories, among which exist some of the world’s most valuable Git repos.

Do you ever wonder the value of the repositories hosted there or which ones make their way all the way to the top?

Folks at U°OS ran a simplified version of a reputation algorithm to determine the top 100 most valuable repositories. The results are pretty interesting so let’s take a quick look at all of them.

Top 100 GitHub Projects And Repositories

1. Kubernetes 26. CocoaPods Specifications 51. gRPC 76. Fastlane
2. Apache Spark 27. Elastic Kibana 52. Liferay
77. Kubernetes Website and Documentation
3. Microsoft Visual Studio Code 28. Julia Language 53. CommCare HQ 78. Ruby on Rails
4. NixOS Package Collection 29. Microsoft TypeScript 54. WordPress Gutenberg 79. Zulip
5. Rust 30. Joomla 55. PyTorch 80. Laravel
6. Firehol IP Lists 31. DefinitelyTyped 56. Kubernetes Test Infrastructure
81. Baidu PaddlePaddle
7. Red Hat OpenShift 32. Homebrew Cask 57. Keybase 82. Gatsby
8. Ansible 33. Ceph 58. Facebook React
83. Rust Crate Registry
9. Automattic WordPress Calypso 34. Go 59.
84. Nintendo 3DS Custom Firmware
10. Microsoft .NET CoreFX 35. AMP HTML Builder 60. Bitcoin Core 85. TiDB
11. Microsoft .NET Roslyn 36. Open edX 61. Arm Mbed OS 86. Angular CLI
12. Node.js 37. Pandas 62. scikit-learn 87. MAPS.ME
13. TensorFlow 38. Istio 63. Nextcloud 88. Eclipse Che
14. freeCodeCamp 39. ManageIQ 64. Helm Charts 89. Brave Browser
15. Space Station 13 40. Godot Engine 65. Terraform 90. Patchwork
16. Apple Swift 41. Gentoo Repository Mirror 66. Ant Design 91. Angular Material
17. Elasticsearch 42. Odoo 67. Phalcon Framework Documentation 92. Python
18. Moby 43. Azure Documentation 68. Documentation for CMS Software for the Large Hadron Collider
93. Space Station 13
19. CockroachDB 44. Magento 69. Apache Kafka Mirror
94. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
20. Cydia Compatibility Checker 45. Saltstack 70. Electron 95. Material-UI
21. Servo 46. AdGuard Filters 71. Zephyr Project 96. Ionic
22. Google Flutter 47. Symfony 72. The web-platform-tests Project 97. Oppia
23. macOS Homebrew Package Manager 48. CMS Software for the Large Hadron Collider 73. Marlin Firmware 98. Alluxio
24. Home Assistant 49. Red Hat OpenShift 74. Apache MXNet 99. XX Net
25. Microsoft .NET CoreCLR 50. ownCloud 75. Apache Beam
100. Microsoft .NET CLI

As seen from the table above, the top spots are occupied by big tech companies that are hugely betting on open source projects. Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and even companies like Baidu from China rank in the most valuable Git repos list.

Google Kubernetes tops the list and is followed by Apache Spark, and Microsoft Visual Studio Code on the second and third position.

Apart from familiar names like Red Hat OpenShift and Home Assistant, there are programming languages and frameworks on the list too such as Rust (fifth rank), Node.js, TensorFlow, Python etc.

There are educational projects like freeCodeCamp, Open edX, Oppia, and but at the same time, there’s a Chinese anti-censorship tool as well — XX Net.

We also have Bitcoin Core for cryptocurrency on the list and the particle detector for CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

Google’s Flutter, which has seen a sharp increase in its popularity recently, also has a slot on this list.

As far as gaming projects are concerned, we can see familiar names like Space Station 13, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead and there’s also a gaming engine called Godot.

Just in case you are also a GitHub contributor, you can check out your value score at and find out your Universal Portable Reputation.

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