Apple Patents MacBook With Keyboard Under A Flexible Glass Touchscreen

Macbook Pro
Image: Shutterstock

When it comes to notebook keyboards, there hasn’t been much innovation in the past. The furthest I could think of is the backlit keys and a quieter typing experience over time. Seemingly, Apple is shifting gears from the conventional keyboards.

According to a new patent, Apple has been working on a MacBook that would change the way traditional laptops work. The patent describes a laptop with a glass keyboard and second screen. In other words, Apple might replace the standard keyboard in the MacBook with a second touch-screen.

Apart from this, the Apple patent also describes different types of keyboard mechanisms that could be included in the revolutionalized Mac — for instance, attaching the screen to a membrane that snaps back into place, having springs underneath and more.

The patent also describes “ridges” in the touchscreen that outline the keys, making it comfortable for iOS users to get the hang of it.

If the patent sees the light, it goes without saying that the second screen will have more uses than just being a keyboard. We are looking at unlimited customizations, themes, colors, personalized switches and more.

Previously, it has been reported that keyboard isn’t really a strong point for Apple. But it seems like Apple is going to change that perception.

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