New ‘Crown’ App From Tinder Makers Turns Dating Into A Game

Crown dating app

Tinder’s parent company have launched another dating app called “Crown” which turns your online dating experience into a fun game.

Match Group, the creator of several dating sites and apps such as Tinder, Match, OK Cupid, and Plenty of Fish, has created Crown in the hope of disrupting the current trend of online dating space.

Why do we need another dating app?

There are plenty of apps for millennials to look for a partner, but the existing ones offer an overwhelming number of choices. They are also, more or less, a lot similar to each other.

So users keep on swiping continually in the hope of finding better mates and never actually settle on one or interact with them.

Crown addresses this issue by offering a more limited selection instead of an endless stream of matches.

How does the Crown app work?

Crown will lay out 16 curated matches at noon every day, and the user has to move through the suitable matches by selecting (crowning) one out of the two individuals at a time.

This process is repeated until the competition is boiled down to “Final Four” matches, out of which one will be the winner. Once a user chooses or rejects a match, it cannot be undone. Upon selecting a match, the user is given an option to chat with the other person.

In case you are wondering why a user is presented with only 16 options at a time, its because Crown wants users to spend less time in swiping and more time in connecting to other people on the app.

Currently, the app available for free download on iOS devices and an Android version of Crown will soon be made available to people, according to their website.

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