Apple’s Ambitious Streaming Service: Reports Suggest It Will Be Cheaper Than Netflix

Apple Original Content

Apple has plunged into the original content market after signing a multi-year contract with the famous TV host Oprah Winfrey. However, the clouds of uncertainty still loom over Apple’s ambitious plans of Original Content and how it is planning to take on the leaders like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A recent report from Recode has suggested three possibilities through which Apple can unfold its stint in original video content. According to the report, a group of industry observers indicates “Apple to make some or all of the content available for free for users of Apple’s TV app.”

Apple TV app was introduced a couple of years ago as a television guide and lets users browse content from over 60 video streaming services. Earlier, Bloomberg also reported that Apple has plans to sell video subscriptions through the Apple TV app.

The report by Recode also suggests that Apple is bringing a standalone subscription-based service, which will bundle their original content with Apple Music and Apple Care. As per Wall Street Journal, Apple is ready to shell out as much as $1 billion to produce original content and with the recent Oprah Winfrey signing possibilities are skyrocketing.

Recode’s third speculation is that Apple is planning to lock horns with Netflix by selling their own subscription-based service consisting of their original content at prices cheaper than Netflix.

With the series of announcements made by Apple in recent months, it is very much possible that Apple is taking its venture in original content seriously. It will not be one of the plans that die out in the pipeline.

From a viewer’s viewpoint, it would be interesting to see whether Apple would be able to compete with the vast library of movies and television shows offered by popular TV subscription services such as Netflix, HBO, and CBS.

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