TikTok Is Down, But Don’t Fall For DM Experts To Fix It For You

TikTok Is Down And Users Are Reporting Weird Bugs
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Today, TikTok started facing outages and went down for many users. Multiple users started facing connectivity issues on the video-sharing app. Although the outages began at 10 am, the problems are getting resolved at the time of writing.

According to Downdetector, many users constantly faced network issues on TikTok regardless of good internet. However, different users had different problems. While 56% of the users reported a server connection issue, 27% had app related, and 17% had posting-related problems.

Spammer claiming to fix TikTok

TikTok Is Down, But Don't Fall For DM Experts To Fix It For You
Image: Pixabay

According to the Downdetector, the significant problems users faced were connectivity issues. TikTok was showing an “error in connection, please try again later” message to users.

Although they had a good internet connection, users couldn’t see comments or replies. Users are constantly commenting on their problems on the Downdetector. However, you might want to watch out for all the spam comments.

The comments directing you to specific Instagram handles to solve your TikTok connectivity issues are clearly fake. Clicking on a link or taking help from unknown online personnel might severely compromise your privacy and data. Since this was a server issue from TikTok, the company is liable to fix it. Beware of spam comments and people claiming to ‘help’ you.

However, if the app is still down for you, you might want to wait for an update, or you can try re-installing the app. Are you using TikTok right now? Is it working fine for you? Comment down below.

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