Short Bytes: There’s no denying the fact that state-sponsored hackers are busy looking for new ways to spy on the internet users, particularly journalists, activists etc. Along the similar lines, many US-based journalists have received a warning from Google that states the possibility of some hacking incident. The warning also advises the users to take security checkup.

Some Twitter users have recently tweeted worrisome alert message sent by Google. This alert tells that the government-sponsored hackers are breaking into the accounts.

Specifically, the alert message read — Government-backed attackers may be trying to steal your password. This warning has been received by many journalists when they logged into their Gmail account or other Google services.

This news follows the previous media reports which claimed that Google notified several Russia journalists and activists regarding similar government-backed attackers.

Google’s warning, which was also received by Julia Ioffe, a prominent magazine writer, further adds that such incidents happen to less than 0.1% of all Gmail users. This message is followed by measures to improve account safety by setting up a security key or installing password alert.

The same alert was also received by Erza Klein, the editor-in-chief of Vox:

Ferenstein Wire’s Greg Ferenstein and Garance Franke-Ruta of Yahoo too got the similar alerts:

A Google spokesperson has confirmed this action and labeled these warnings “out of an abundance of caution”. The users who’ve received such alerts are advised to change their passwords and take Google Account Security Checkup.

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