This Sick PUBG Mobile Arcade Cabinet Emits Smoke While You Play On It

This Beautiful PUBG Mobile Arcade Machine Is Absolutely Sick

We all know how insanely popular is PUBG Mobile around the world. Millions of players play the battle royale game daily. Also, the PUBG Mobile team tries very hard to grab even more players by bringing new exciting content.

However, when it comes to promoting PUBG Mobile, nothing beats this fantastic PUBG Mobile Arcade Cabinet by Austin Evans, one of the most popular tech YouTubers.

Recently, the PUBG Mobile team approached Evans to build something to celebrate PUBG Mobile’s second anniversary. And to do that, Evans and his friend came up with something spectacular.

As you can see in the video, Evans’ friend suggests creating a breathtaking PUBG Mobile Arcade Cabinet. He tells Evans that they could use USB-C to play PUBG Mobile on the Arcade Cabinet’s display.

After learning more about PUBG Mobile, Evans’ friend pitches the idea to install a fog machine inside the cabinet. According to him, fog could represent the smokey feel of PUBG Mobile; because you know, we see red smoke coming out of airdrops and green smoke out of a dead player’s crate.

To create the fog, Evans’ friend installs a chiller inside the cabinet and fits the pipes on the cabinet’s sides for the mist to come out. Also, the flickering lights on the ducts make the fog coming out of four pounds of ice more appealing.

Moreover, to pay homage to the game’s militaristic camouflage theme, Evans’ friend decides to cover the PUBG Mobile Arcade Machine with a ghillie suit.

After the Arcade Cabinet is complete, Evans gets completely shocked, looking at the design coming to life. He even plays a couple of matches on the cabinet using Oneplus 8 Pro and has an amazing experience.

In short, Evans and his friend created something that is enough for PUBG Mobile players to feel sad for not having it.

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