Almost Dead Kinect Takes Rebirth As Project Kinect For Azure

Project Kinect For Azure

It was October 2017 when Microsoft pulled the plug on their not-so-successful Kinect sensor meant to complement the Xbox line of gaming consoles. The sensor may have gone out of production, but it was known that the technology will live. The third generation of Kinect technology finds a home in the HoloLens headsets.

It has now been shaped into a new product. One major change is that it isn’t for the console this time, but for the Azure cloud. Microsoft likes to call it Project Kinect for Azure.

What they have provided this time is a combination of sensors, including the Time of Flight depth-sensor. All stuffed in a smaller packaging that the AI developers can play with and add it to their projects.

Project Kinect for Auzure features the fourth generation of Kinect. It’s Microsoft’s attempt to integrate high-tech hand tracking and spatial mapping technologies with Azure’s machine learning, cognitive services, and IoT Edge.

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