Want To Build A New Computer From Scratch? Play “PC Building Simulator” Game

pc building simulator

Does the idea of building PC intrigues you? If yes, then here is a cool game named PC Building Simulator that lets you build your own PC right from scratch!

Given that we have simulator games for almost everything ranging from flying aircraft to conducting a surgery, it’s about time that we get a simulator for building PC.

PC Building Simulator lets you experiment with expensive tech without the fear of breaking actual real-life parts or the risk of electrocuting yourself.

This game makes you feel like an engineering genius as you open up a PC, stick in a new graphics card, or change the RAM.

You can choose from an already available list of Motherboards, CPU/Processors, Memory and every other part of a computer to assemble your own full-fledged PC.

PC Building Simulator uses real, licensed parts from major manufacturers that have been simulated down right to their power draws, pins, and draw counts.

A fun aspect of the game is where it lets you start your own PC repair business as the game proceeds. You can receive a computer that won’t boot or perhaps shuts down randomly. The challenge is to figure out what the problem is and fix it to advance in the game.

It is available as an early access game which is not free, but if this game has piqued your interest too, you can give it a shot here.

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