‘The Boys’ Compound V Energy Drink Is Finally Available To Purchase

The Boys Compound V Drink
Image: Sony

The Boys is based on the comics of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. It debuted in 2019 and has become a huge success for both Amazon and Sony Pictures. The highly anticipated fourth season of the show is already in production, with The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan joining the ensemble.

While a major plot point in The Boys is the revelation that heroes are created, not born, with the assistance of a substance known as Compound V. Compound V, which appears as a blue serum, can also be used as a heavy-duty stimulant by those already endowed with powers.

In Season 3, some members of the Supe-fighting team begin taking Temp V, a version of Compound V that grants powerless people temporary superpowers. Now, The Boys has partnered with G Fuel to bring Compound V, to life as a new energy drink flavor that fans can purchase online.

The Boys License Compound V into a real- life drink

Sony announced the news on Twitter, along with a photo of the new GFuel flavor, which is available as both an energy drink and a powder. Homelander and Starlight are prominently featured in the images as poster children for the real-life Compound V.

G Fuel, marketed as the official energy drink of Esports, claims to be a healthier alternative to other energy drinks. Throughout the years, the company has struck numerous brand deals with other major franchises. Recent collaborations include Mega Man, Rick and Morty, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage flavors. The Boys‘ flavor “Temp V” was released in June to coincide with the third season of the show.

Temp V, also known as “V-23,” was introduced in Season 3 of The Boys as a temporary substitute for the permanent Compound V before being revealed to be lethal after only a few doses. Despite this, the highly experimental chemical allowed the show’s titular vigilante team to level the playing field against the Seven, which they were able to do from the beginning in the comic books.

Following a very well-received season 3, it’s no surprise that GFuel wanted to get in on the hype for The Boys. The collaboration between the two properties will gratify any series fan and will give viewers a taste of either Temp V or Compound V. At the very least, the energy drinks will provide a boost to fans. Hopefully not as strong as A-in Train’s the series pilot!

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