Twitter Launches “Super Follow only Spaces,” Know Your Followers Better

Twitter Launches Super Follows-only Spaces: Know Your Followers Better
Image: Twitter

Twitter is working relentlessly to build a creator-focused platform with features like Ticketed Spaces. The social media giant has launched a new ‘Super Follows only Spaces’ feature. It will be useful for creators to build extremely exclusive Twitter spaces. These spaces will only be accessible to Super Followers.

Twitter launched the ‘Ticketed Spaces’ and ‘Super Followers’ features to build a revenue stream for creators. Furthermore, the new ‘Super Follows only Spaces’ feature amalgamates the two concepts.

Why did Twitter launch ‘Super Follows only Spaces’?

Twitter Spaces is an excellent way for creators to interact with their followers. They can charge anywhere between $1-$999 for entry into a Ticketed Space event. The Super Followers feature helps followers support their favorite creators by paying a monthly fee. Moreover, they get access to exclusive content published by their favorite creator.

Image: Twitter

‘Super Follows Spaces’ binds the two crucial monetization features and creates an exclusive event just for the Super Followers. There is no problem in joining a Ticketed Space because you don’t need to be a Super Follower. However, for joining a Super Follows-only Spaces you need to be a Super Follower of a creator on Twitter.

Supported Platforms

‘Super Follows-only Spaces’ is available on both iOS and Android. Super Followers can attend these exclusive spaces and partake in conversations with other like-minded followers. You can also access a Super Space-only Followers event via a browser but you cannot say anything.

An embedded Twitter video from the official account showcases how it works. Creators can create a Twitter space and then select the option to host it only for their Super Followers. It gives them a better medium to connect with the audience that loves and relates to them. Although Twitter creators are surely excited about the new feature, some believe that Twitter Spaces doesn’t have that charm. In addition, one user even suggested hosting a Discord server over ‘Super Follows-only Spaces.’

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s put a hold on the Twitter acquisition because it didn’t offer clear data on the percentage of bot accounts. What do you think of Twitter’s new feature? Will it boost monetization or forge a better creator-follower relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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