Best Wired Earbuds To Use In 2022: Budget To Premium

best wired earbuds
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In the age of ever-increasing wireless earbuds, do you still prefer wired earbuds over the newer fancy ones? If you still like using earphones with wires or still have a device with a headphone jack, we have you covered. We’ve shortlisted the best-wired earbuds, and you can choose one that fits your price range.

The wired earbuds category often called IEMs, or “In-Ear Monitors,” still houses some excellent options for regular audiophiles. The following list contains the best-wired earbuds from all budgets and for all use cases. Whether you’re just a casual listener or an audiophile, there’s a pair of earphones.

Top Wired Earbuds in 2022

In the era of magnificent wireless earbuds like the OnePlus Buds Pro, there’s nothing wrong with choosing wired ones. Wireless earbuds While there are several earbuds to choose from, you can rely on our picks to listen to music. Here are the top X wired earbuds that you can try.

1. Best overall: 1MORE Triple Driver

best earbuds

‘1More Triple Driver’ is our top pick for the best-wired earbuds as it provides a completely satisfactory package for the price. Likewise, the earbuds pair checks all the boxes and delivers quality audio performance. As the name implies, the pair houses a set of three sound drivers to produce audio.

Two drivers in the earphones act as tweeters while producing sound, and the third dynamic driver takes care of bass reproduction. Moreover, you get a small mic and remote control to make phone calls and control your music.

2. Runner up, best overall: Etymotic Research ER2XR

etymotic research er2xr best wired earbuds

‘Etymotic Research’ is a brand that makes rock-solid IEMs, and one of them is ‘ER2XR.’ While the earbuds pair looks quite different from your average earphones, it fits comfortably in most ears. The triple-layered traffic-cone-style ear tip design is comfortable enough while providing the right amount of noise isolation.

Moreover, the blue enclosure of both earbuds easily detaches from their cables, enabling convenient repairs. Consequently, you can replace the cables with ease if anything goes wrong. You also get a set of extra ear tips, filters, and a storage pouch.

3. Best value: Linsoul TIN Audio T2

linsoul tin audio t2

Linsoul’s TIN Audio T2 is a famous pair among budget audiophiles because it provides the correct value, making it one of the best-wired earbuds. Designed with a subtle red and blue aesthetic paired with a minimalistic white cable, the Tin T2 provides a premium feel.

Coming to the functionality, the white cable is detachable, so you can get a new one if it breaks down. Moreover, the earbuds pair houses a dual driver design that produces a well-balanced sound with good bass.

4. Best design: Moondrop Starfield Carbon

moondrop starfield best wired earbuds

Next up, ‘Moondrop Starfield Carbon’ makes it to the list of best-wired earbuds. It has an esthetically pleasing design with a shade of blue, but it also produces magnificent sound. Likewise, the braided cable brings the blue design all the way to the audio jack, which gives the entire pair a premium look.

‘Starfield Carbon’ houses a 10mm speaker in each earbud, which provides a focused sound across the audio spectrum with less bass. However, the pair aren’t suitable for people who make many calls, as the model doesn’t have an included mic.

5. Best premium earbuds: Shure SE425

shure se425 best wired earbuds

If you don’t mind paying relatively more for a premium audio experience, the ‘Shure SE425’ is the best-wired earbuds pair for you. Likewise, the ‘SE425’ is ideal for stage musicians and professional music producers for music monitoring.

Moreover, you will love the earbuds pair if you’re an audiophile because the pair produces a balanced sound across the audio spectrum, and there’s nothing wrong with the sound. Although, the earphones aren’t suitable for the everyday music listener as the bass might feel lackey.

6. Best budget earbuds: 1More Piston Fit

1more piston fit

Finally, another 1More pair makes it to the list of the best-wired earbuds. If you’re looking for a backup pair to toss in your backpack or want something for casual listening and taking calls, the ‘1More Piston Fit’ is the ideal choice.

The pair comes in three different colors and fit perfectly into most ears. Whether you’re an everyday casual listener or someone who likes to wear earphones all the time, the Piston Fit won’t disappoint you.

What is the best-wired earbuds pair for you?

While there are a couple of IEMs for every budget, we have listed the best options you can consider. If you’re having trouble picking a pair, we recommend using the best value earbuds, namely the ‘Linsoul TIN Audio T2.’ Likewise, T2 offers the best value for most listeners.

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