“Free Fire” Redeem Code [Working]: How To Unlock Bonus Items?

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Besides the fast-paced battle royale action, ‘Free Fire’ offers an impressive array of skins, loot, and other unlockable items. These bonus items enrich your gaming experience and sometimes help you stand out during a round of the survival game. This article tells you how to redeem a code and unlock such items.

Although these codes are typically for ‘Free Fire,’ they also work on ‘Free Fire Max,’ the Indian variant of the game that came out after the original game got banned. Moreover, Garena shares these codes with the ‘Free Fire’ community daily through its social media channels.

What is the ‘Free Fire’ Redemption Code?

Image: Free Fire

‘Free Fire’ Redemption Code or Redeem Code is a string of 12-16 capital letters and digits. This code unlocks special rewards ranging from esthetic items to in-game currency.

After using a Redeem Code, items such as skins, character models, and weapons will appear in the Vault tab section within the game, and gold and silver will be added directly to the wallet.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you will need a Free Fire account to use these codes. In other words, the guest account can’t redeem the aforementioned rewards. Also, specific codes can be geo-restricted and only work for users in a particular region.

Free Fire Redeem Code [Working as of May 8, 2022]

Here is a table of codes known to be working right now. They have been collected from various sources and collated for your convenience.

HAYATOAVU76VYagami’s GiftIndia

How to use the ‘Garena Free Fire’ Redeem Code?

  1. Go to reward.ff.garena.com and log in to your ‘Free Fire’ account.
free fire rewards redemption website

2. Enter the code in the Redeem Your Code field.

free fire redeem code

3. Click on “Confirm.”

If the Redeem Code activation is successful or unsuccessful, you will receive the corresponding notification as a confirmation. Once you successfully use the code, the reward will appear in your game within 24 hours.

reward code reward

That’s how you can easily claim the rewards in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. For more similar articles, check out our dedicated Gaming section.


Does the ‘Free Fire’ Redeem Code work?

Redeem Codes released by Garena work as long as they are being used in the right region.

How do I get my ‘Free Fire’ Redeem Code?

The primary source for getting ‘Free Fire’ Redeem Codes is Garena’s social media accounts.

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