Tesla Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Self-Driving System’s Braking Issues

tesla lawsuit
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Tesla was hit with another lawsuit regarding its defective braking system. Jose Alvarez Toledo, a San Francisco resident, filed a class action lawsuit against the company for faults in auto-braking technology. The primary issue was that the car was unable to discern whether a breaker was ahead or not. It kept mistaking small objects and applied brakes often.

The lawsuit seeks class-action status for all U.S. owners or lessees of a Tesla which shares the defective braking technology. It isn’t the first time Tesla has been under fire for delivering a half-baked self-driving assistant with the cars.

Why did Jose Alvarez Toledo file a lawsuit against Tesla?

Jose Alvarez Toledo’s main concern was the faulty obstacle detection system embedded in his car. The car’s sensors detected non-existent objects on the road and applied brakes. You can imagine the plight of someone whose car brakes for no reason whatsoever.

It hampers the driving experience and can be very dangerous on highways. A sudden vehicle slowdown in moving traffic can cause a lot of collateral damage. However, the braking system isn’t the only problem with Tesla. There have been reports of various parts malfunctioning and horrendous after-sales and service experiences.

Last month, a Tesla owner shared his plight of not receiving appropriate help from the company to fix his vehicle. The service team which arrived to fix the issue ended up causing more problems.

What is artificial intelligence- tesla autopilot as an example of limited memory AI
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Suhail highlighted that it was very tough to contact customer support, and you would often talk to a chatbot. There was no human that could understand the intricacies of the issue. On top of that, Tesla assigned a service date two months in the future. That means he would have to use another vehicle while his defective Tesla sits in the garage accumulating dust.

Jose Alvarez Toledo’s lawsuit can draw the attention of Musk and other prominent decision-makers at the company to fix the issue. Launching half-baled technologies in the market which will be used by humans should be considered a criminal offense. Elon Musk didn’t address the lawsuit on Twitter.

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