Battery Range Test: Tesla Model 3 vs Audi, Mercedes, And Jaguar Electric Car

Tesla Model 3 Vs Audi

In the competition of Tesla Model 3 vs Audi E-Tron vs Mercedes EQC vs Jaguar iPace vs Kia Niro vs Nissan Leaf, which one do you think will last the longest in the real world battery efficiency tests? Well, we got the answer. Thanks to the Carwow YouTube channel, which put the Tesla Model 3 and all the other cars on a long-range test to find out which among them will go the farthest.

This test was aimed at finding out the actual battery range of all these cars and to see how different they are than what their manufacturers claim.

As mentioned, the participants include Mercedes EQC, Kia Niro, Tesla Model 3 Long Range, Jaguar iPace electric, Nissan Leaf and Audi eTron.

Tesla Model 3 vs Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar Electric Car

The journey started in Greater London with Matt, the show’s host, continuously switching between different cars to get a better understanding of each of their performances.

In this competition, the Audi E-Tron, Mercedes EQC, Kia Niro and Jaguar iPace are in the electric SUV category. On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range and the Nissan Leaf Plus are electric sedans.

This difference also reflected in the real world efficiency of these vehicles. The Mercedes EQC, which offered the most comfortable ride, was also the first one to run out of battery.

Surprisingly, it was followed by Nissan Leaf Plus, a much smaller sedan. Then it was the turn of Jaguar iPace, which ran out of juice soon, followed by Kia Niro. The winner was obviously the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, but there are some other interesting revelations as well.

Tesla Model 3 Vs Audi Electric Car

The Audi E-Tron electric SUV was stranded after traveling 206 miles, which is 81% of its claimed battery range. The Nissan Leaf stopped after covering 208 miles, giving about 87% of its claimed range and Kia Niro ran about 255 miles before giving up, covering 90% of its claimed range.

On the other hand, Mercedes EQC was able to travel 194 returning about 75% of its claimed battery range. The Jaguar iPace electric went up to 223 miles which cover 76% of its claimed battery range.

Finally, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range traveled the farthest, covering 269.7 miles. Now show’s host Matt said that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range covered 70% of its total range but the EPA rated range of Model 3 is 322 miles and 70% of it is 225 miles.

And 269.7 miles actually equals 83% of 322 miles.

Despite this small calculation error, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range still comes out as the car to buy if you want to switch to electric.

In my opinion, you can also opt for the Kia Niro or the Hyundai Kona. Kia was the cheapest among the bunch with a starting price of around £33,000.

We also listed Kia on our list of affordable Tesla Model 3 rivals that you can also check out.

So what do you think? Which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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