Tesla Autopilot Crash In Moscow; Driver And Family Barely Escapes

Tesla Autopilot Crash

Elon Musk’s electric car company is mostly in controversies; the latest one involves a Tesla Autopilot crash in Moscow. The owner of the Tesla Model 3, Alexi Tretyakov and his two children narrowly escaped the car crash which took place on 10th August on Moscow ring road. The batteries of the Tesla Model 3 caught fire and the car exploded.


The driver of the car, Alexi claims that the Tesla Autopilot was on during the crash and his hands were also on the wheel full time. According to him, Autopilot failed to spot a parked tow truck in which his Tesla Model 3 crashed.

Tesla Autopilot Crash in Moscow

The Tesla Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving system offered by Tesla that can help the driver during certain aspects of the driving. For instance, in changing lanes, entry, and exit on the freeway, cruise control, etc. It is not capable of driving the Tesla electric car on its own and the hands of the passengers always need to be on the wheel in order for the Autopilot to function.

In the Moscow crash involving Tesla Autopilot, the driver had the Autopilot engaged and his hands were on the wheels. Despite following the recommended procedure, the crash occurred.

There is no clear cut of evidence as to why Autopilot couldn’t interfere and prevent the crash. Moreover, Tesla hasn’t yet made any statement regarding the crash.

However, we need to understand that AI is still at an infant stage in terms of recognizing patterns. We’ve earlier informed you about how AI can be fooled using a certain color pattern of clothing.

Tesla is likely to unveil an accelerated AI training program called ‘Tesla Dojo‘ to facilitate unsupervised learning.

My Take

Tesla is notorious for boasting about the capabilities of its Autopilot beyond its real performance. This has caused the electric car company a number of lawsuits.

The most infamous crash involving an Apple Engineer should be alarming enough for Tesla to redefine its marketing strategy regarding the Autopilot system.

However, the driver and the children passengers escaped with minor injuries is proof that Tesla cars are safe places to be in during a crash. If Musk really wants to make Tesla profitable by the end of this year, then Tesla cars shouldn’t crash at all, in the first place.

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