These Two Guys Spent 40 Years Making “World’s Only Real Jetpack”

jetpack aviation 1
jetpack aviation 1

jetpack-aviation-1Short Bytes: JB-9 JetPack, from the company JetPack Aviation, has showed off its jet turbine powered machine. In a demonstration of its capabilities, it was flown around the Statue of Liberty and over the Hudson river.

The company JetPack Aviation calls itself the maker of world’s only real jetpack. This device is a backpack powered by a jet turbine that lifts a person into the air.

On the other hand, it’s being called the real jetpack as the other jetpacks are powered by streams of water, rockets – not jets.

The jetpack is approved by the Federal Aviation Authority and US Coast Guard, and took 40 years to develop – according to the website. David Mayman, company’s CEO from Australia, flew this JB-9 jetpack around the Statue of Liberty and over the Hudson river to show-off a demo.

David Mayman has spent the last 10 years working with Nelson Tyler, a Hollywood-based inventor. They have designed prototypes of this jetpack and “spent millions of dollars and thousands of hours secretly developing the device.”

On their website, JetPack Aviation says: “We believe a JetPack should be just that — a jet turbine powered backpack that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), is extremely light and small and can easily be carried around by the pilot.”

The JB-9 can fly more than 100 miles per hour and can reach heights up to 10,000 feet for about 10 minutes. Watch the video below:

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