Survey Says iPhone SE 3 Will Be The Main Phone For 24% iPhone Users

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The iPhone SE 3 is literally around the corner, with reports pouring in on the device’s popularity. A recent survey claims that 24% of iPhone users will buy the iPhone SE 3 (2022) as their main phone. The survey also says that iPhone 11 users will drive the trade-in for the 2022 iPhone SE.

That said, we can expect the iPhone SE 2022 to be a popular budget iPhone. In the past, too, the SE has been an affordable entry point into the Apple ecosystem. It may come in an older design, but Apple doesn’t cut corners regarding the iPhone SE’s performance.

40% people will buy iPhone SE 3 (2022)

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The SellCell survey asked over 2,500 people about the iPhone SE 3. Out of these, 40% said they would buy the iPhone SE 2022 either for themselves or someone else. Given the expected price of around $400, the iPhone SE is likely to make it to the list of the top gifts in the holiday season.

Another figure coming out of the survey is that the iPhone SE is likely to be more popular among children too. This again comes down to affordable prices and Apple’s ironclad security and privacy. Almost 11% of respondents buying the iPhone SE 3 plan to give it to their children.

The survey also says that 11% of respondents who are currently iPhone 11 users will drive the trade-in sales. The iPhone 11 has lived out almost half of its life and misses out on key features like 5G. the iPhone SE 2022, on the other hand, will be a 5G phone, which could be reason enough for iPhone 11 users to trade in their phone.

Also, a used iPhone 11 in good shape is likely to go for around $300, which means the trade-in will be great value for money. Other than the trade-in, 25.5% of users will buy it to upgrade from an older handset, 15% for 5G, and 11% for the compact form factor.

The iPhone SE has always been a dividing factor this way. It is small, manageable, affordable, yet with its flagship iPhones. So with Apple, this launch will also be about creating a phone that some would love, some would roast, but none would ignore.

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