Viral Videos From The Russia-Ukraine War That Are Fake

russia ukraine war fake viral videos

As we all know, there is a massive conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Thanks to social media, people worldwide have watched this conflict very closely. However, many fake photos and videos have also surfaced claiming footage from the Russia-Ukraine war.

During tense times like these, fake news is widespread, so it is better to be careful. Due to this, we have put together a list of all the fake videos going viral on social media.

Fake viral videos from the Russia-Ukraine War

Ukraine’s anti-aircraft missiles

Many users on Twitter have been sharing this footage as an authentic video. They claim it is “Ukraine launching anti-aircraft missiles into the night.”

However, the truth is that it is from the video game War Thunder. Passing video games as actual war footage is not a new thing. These kinds of things have been done time and time again.

Russian planes flying over Kyiv (Ukraine’s capital)

Original video

Another viral video showcasing several planes flying over the town has gone viral on Twitter. Some users claim these are Russian planes flying over Kyiv (Ukraine’s capital). However, the video is old footage from a 2020 air show in Moscow.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube on May 4, 2020. A fact-checker from the First Draft has also claimed the video is from 2020.

Young Ukrainian girl confronting soldier

Original video

Another video viral on TikTok and Twitter shows a Ukrainian girl confronting a Russian soldier. The video has garnered millions of views on both platforms. In reality, the video is from 2012 about a brave Palestinian girl facing an Israeli soldier for arresting her older brother.

Molotov cocktail fight in Kyiv

russia ukraine molotov coctail

A video showing Kyiv residents fighting Russian motorized infantry with Molotov cocktails has gone viral. However, the actual video is from the Euromaidan protests in 2014.

However, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has instructed residents in Kyiv to make Molotov cocktails. But there’s no evidence to support the fact that Kyiv residents used Molotov cocktails on Russian soldiers.

Ukraine shooting Russian jets 


Some videos show Russian planes being shot at or dropping bombs viral on social media. One video shows a Ukrainian pilot shooting down a Russian fighter jet. Another video shows a Russian fighter jet avoiding anti-aircraft fire.

However, most of these videos are from a game called ARMA 3. Previously, Russian media has passed off videos from games as actual war footage.

Russia bombing Ukraine

Original video

Many parts of Ukraine have suffered bombings from the Russian military. However, some of the footage shared on social media is past bombings. One such viral video is from a fire in Tianjin, China, in 2015.

Another fake viral video circulated after a blast at a warehouse in Beirut in 2020. Multiple Twitter accounts have shared these videos on social media with millions of views.

Fake news & social media

Intense times like these, social media is quite prone to fake news that seems legitimate. Many fake stories have also come up regarding the Russia-Ukraine war. We recommend that users should always check if the information is coming from a reputable source or not.

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