Leaked Microsoft Video Reveals New Features Of Its Android Phone

Surface Duo Peek Notifications Feature

Microsoft is trying to make another attempt in the smartphone market with its new dual-screen smartphone called Surface Duo. Although, the company isn’t calling it a phone. But, in some way, it is. Surface Duo features the Android OS and the ability to make phone calls.

Surface Duo is scheduled to release later this year alongside Redmond’s dual-screen PC known as Surface Neo.

However, spilling some beans on the expected features of the device, WalkingCat has leaked two Microsoft videos that show a new ‘peek to view’ feature in action.


As shown in the videos, a user can unfold the device partially to check out a new notification or know the name of the person calling them.

The user can also scroll down through the list of notifications and even dismiss them without unfolding the screen completely.

This is certainly a different approach than other device makers like Samsung, who chose to put a separate screen on the outer side on devices like Galaxy Z Flip. If not the best solution, at least, the user doesn’t have to unfold the device again and again just to check out a notification.

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned while preparing the launchpad for the Surface Duo. The biggest example of this is the Your Phone app, which lets users connect their Windows 10 PC to Android and iOS devices.

Many of us believed that the Your Phone app expressed Microsoft’s unconditional love for Android. But it was only until BUILD 2019 when the Surface Duo was shown off on stage, running Android OS under the hood.

Anyway, there are several months left before the “communication device” (as Microsoft likes to call it) lands in the market. Possibly, we will see more leaks, and rumors revealing other features of the device.

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