How To Stay Safe On The Internet — Google Tells 5 Must Know Tips

how to stay safe onlien google
how to stay safe onlien google

how to stay safe onlien googleShort Bytes: For unlucky people, the internet could be a dangerous place. Make sure that you follow basic security practices and think twice before sharing some personal information on the web. In this article, I’ll tell you 5 must know internet safety tips from Google. Don’t miss this.

The internet is a place where people visit for various reason. While you might be online for work or watching some cute cat videos, there are others who are looking to harm you via different means.

Very often you might end up losing your personal information and risk your online safety while banking, shopping and chatting with friends.

Experienced internet users know that there are various online risks and they follow various safety measures. Talking about the experience, who could give a better advice that Google.

Here are the 5 must-know tips from Google that tell how to stay safe on the internet:

Tip 1: Think Before You Share

Before sharing something online, make sure that the information isn’t too personal as it could be forwarded, copied and found. Whatever you share, and how much you share, can tell a lot about you. So, be thoughtful.

Tip 2: Protect Your Stuff

One of the basic steps to ensure our online safety is choosing strong passwords. This looks down your devices and accounts, barring unwanted account access.

Tip 3: Know & Use Your Settings

Very often people skip the basic security settings while setting up their accounts and ignore the authentication methods. The settings on different sites allow you to select what you share and who you share with. Make sure that you understand these settings and safeguard your posts, videos, profiles and more.

Tip 4: Avoid Scams

With more people coming online and taking part in the process of connecting with each other, the online scams are on the rise. If someone offers you some free item or some lottery money, it’s wise to be suspicious. Make sure that you avoid such scams and protect your personal information.

Tip 5: Be Positive

Remember this line — Treat others the way you want to be treated, offline and online!

Make sure that you remain positive and post or comment something if you wouldn’t mind someone doing the same to you.

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