Popular Antivirus Flags Windows As Malware And Facebook As Phishing Site By Mistake

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Short Bytes: The users of Webroot antivirus witnessed a strange problem recently when the software started flagging Windows system files as malware. The antivirus also blocked the access to Facebook by labeling it as a phishing website. The incident took place due to a faulty malware signature. While Webroot has detailed the instructions to get back the quarantined files on its community page, it has said that the company is “in the process of creating a fix.”

We regularly keep reading about the “malware-like” practices of Windows operating system in order to force Windows updates. But, what if an antivirus flags your Windows system files as malware? In a shocking development, a malware signature issued by Webroot antivirus triggered a similar warning.

This signature was issued on Monday; the problem was first witnessed on the US east coast when Webroot started marking Windows system files as W32.Trojan.Gen, also known as generic malware.

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As a result, many files necessary for smooth functioning of Windows were moved to quarantine. Webroot has acknowledged the mistake and shared some steps to restore the quarantined files. Follow the steps by visiting this link

“We are in the process of creating a fix, but in the meantime, small business customers can follow instructions posted in the Webroot Community to address the issue,” the company added.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

Windows system files weren’t the only target of this meltdown. The update even blocked the access to Facebook. Webroot flagged the blue social network as a phishing website.

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