10 Reasons Why A Petrol-Head Loves Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Petrol-head Review Specs

There are several reasons why a petrol-head can fall in love with a Tesla Model 3, and here are 10 of them given by none other than Jason Fenske.

Jason is the ultimate petrolhead, and he also runs the famous YouTube channel, Engineering Explained, where he explains car tech on a whiteboard using nothing but a marker and a passion for cars. When he’s not making videos, he’s busy writing articles for auto magazines, Jesus, what a nerd, am I right?!

For the uninitiated, the Tesla Model 3 Performance makes around 475 HP after the latest software update and enough torque to propel the car from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. It has a top speed of 162 mph and a range of 310 miles.

Now, it’s been over a year for him owning a Tesla Model 3 Performance and in his latest review he told his viewers all about the car which made him, a petrolhead, into an “EV enthusiasts”.

If you’re furiously typing on your keyboard then hold your horses, Jason hasn’t been converted from a petrol-head and still appreciates the roaring grunt of a V8.

That being said, here are 10 reasons why a Petrol-head could fall in love with his Tesla Model 3.

Why This Petrol-head Loves His Tesla Model 3?

1. Massive Torque

The immediate difference Jason notices when driving an electric car is the massive torque, 472 ft-pounds or 639 Nm, to be exact. As mentioned above, the Model 3 Performance has a 0-60 mph timing of 3.2 seconds. For reference, Jason said that the other car which is this quick is an Audi R8 V10 Performance which costs around $200,000.

Electric cars always accelerate quicker than conventional cars. He also gave the example of his Nissan Leaf which is quicker from 0-60 mph than a supercharged Honda S2000.

2. No Delay In Power Delivery

“It’s a beautiful thing in how connected you’re with your electric car to the throttle,” said Jason. Since there aren’t a lot of moving parts in an electric car, the power transfer is instant. There is absolutely no delay between when you put your foot down and the car accelerates.

3. Transmissions Are Slower Than Electric Motors

“Modern transmissions were made 100 years ago and we’re just getting them right now to function so well,” said Jason. Most car transmissions are clunky and there’s always a delay in switching gears. Whereas in an electric motor, it’s just one gear that takes you from 0 to 160 mph.

4. No Noise In Electric Cars

Now, before anyone starts emailing me death threats, Jason didn’t say that exhaust sounds are bad. In fact, he mentioned that a Shelby GT 500 makes a sound that is nothing short of a blessing for human ears. However, most people don’t drive a Shelby, they drive a Toyota Camry, and they don’t care what their engine sounds like.

No matter how much sound-deadening material the manufacturers use, the Internal Combustion will produce sound. Whereas in electric cars, there’s nothing but a silent hum.

5. Maintenance

“If you told someone who’d been driving electric cars their entire life what the maintenance schedule is on an internal combustion vehicle, they’d be rioting in the streets,” Jason enlightened us and he’s absolutely true.

Electric cars have no maintenance, but in his Tesla Model 3 Performance, Jason only needs to change the brake fluid every once in a while and the tires when they get bald. Only every four years does he need to change the coolant in his batteries that can be counted as major maintenance.

Compare that to an IC vehicle and you’d immediately see a huge difference. There are so many parts in a normal engine from cylinder valves, fuel injection, cams to pistons and clutch, there’s just a lot of parts, most of them moving, that might require maintenance.

6. No Need For Gas Stations

Just like you’d wake up to a full battery on your phone, you’d wake up to a full tank every day if you charge your car at home, which most people do. According to Jason, it is really an amazing thing because never during his daily driving does he have to visit a charging station, he can simply charge his car at home at night.

Whereas in a gas car, he has to visit a gas station every-time if the fuel in his car is low. Again, he didn’t curse the existence of gas-stations, in fact, he made it clear that fuel pumps are extremely useful when you want to take a road trip.

However, never having to visit anywhere else, other than his home, to charge his car for daily driving, is a definite advantage according to Jason.

7. Tesla Model 3 Can Run In An Enclosed Space

The advantage of not having an exhaust that spits toxic fumes becomes absolutely clear when there’s blistering snow outside and you’ve to warm up your car beforehand. You can easily run your Tesla in your closed garage, away from the cold, and warm it up nicely before you can get in.

8. Safe To Be In When You’re Not Around

In electric cars, you can leave anything behind with the AC ON without having the fear of getting your car stolen. This makes taking pets on trips with you as they can safely stay inside the car, in case they are not allowed in the building you’re going.

9. One Pedal Driving

After the latest Tesla software update, which bumped up the power and brought in the one-pedal driving feature, driving the Model 3 has become a piece of cake. Jason explained that he can do most of his driving with just one accelerator pedal and there’s no need to use the brakes because the car utilizes an electric motor for regen braking and slows itself down.

During this process, the Model 3 gains some electric energy and massively improves the life of the brake pads.

10. Points 1-9 Don’t Mention the Environment In Anyway

Jason pointed out that when talking about electric cars, the first thing that people bring up is the advantage it has in keeping our environment safe. But talking about climate change gets political very quickly, which in turn dismisses all the other superior features of an electric car like the Model 3 from the consideration of said buyers.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance isn’t just a great electric car but a great car in total. It handles great, runs like a beast and offers amazing fuel efficiency. However, if this isn’t enough then perhaps a recommendation from an even bigger petrol head will convince you.

Koenigsegg Praises Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Petrol-head Review

Christian Von Koenigsegg, the CEO of, you guessed it, the fricking Koenigsegg dailies a Tesla Model 3.

According to him, “It’s the best contemporary normal daily driver around.”

Jason did go on to bash his Tesla Model 3 later in the video regarding some important points. You can watch the video to learn about them.

I don’t think there’s anything more I need to say beyond this. However, I’d like to know what you think about Jason’s review. Let me know about it in the comments below.

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