Can’t Decide What To Watch Next On Netflix? Shuffle Button Will Help You!

netflix shuffle button_ what to watch next on Netflix

Let’s face it! We all have faced a tough time deciding what to watch next on Netflix. Before you know it, you have spent more than half an hour, watching trailers, just trying to figure out if you’d really enjoy watching that show. Things become worse when even after spending so much time you couldn’t figure out what to watch.

But thankfully, Netflix understands this dilemma and is working on a new “Shuffle” button that will help you pick shows! The feature is currently in the testing phase where a big button labeled “Shuffle Play” can be seen right on the Netflix home screen, beneath the user profile icon.

On pressing this button, Netflix will randomly play show based on a movie or TV show you’re currently watching, or something you’ve added to your list or your previous viewing history.

The new Shuffle button recently showed up on the Netflix app for TV devices for several users.

It seems that the “Shuffle” button isn’t the only option. Netflix is already testing a couple of other ways the feature might look, including the “Play Something” variant.

Either way, it’s nice to know that we would soon be able to depend on Netflix to put up a new show instead of debating with friend or partner over what to watch next on Netflix.

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