Best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Games To Play In 2022

best oculus quest 2 games

The VR metaverse might take a few years to be fully realized, but until then, we can have fun with existing VR games. The Oculus/Meta Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets on the market. We have compiled a list of some of the best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 games you can play right now.

You can also check out our other guides on the best VR games and movies. However, if you are low on cash, there are also free VR games that you can check out. We have only included games that you can play natively on the Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 platforms in this list.

Best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

the-walking-dead-oculus quest 2

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a story-driven zombie survival game. The game has the best design and user interaction ever seen in a VR game. It also has an excellent sandbox design that perfectly fits the physics-based combat against the zombie horde. You can also expect to see a great storyline befitting The Walking Dead series.

As you roam the streets of New Orleans filled with the undead, you will realize the terror of living in a zombie apocalypse. Other than zombies, players will also face human enemies from various factions. Players can also take on side missions while progressing the main storyline.

Resident Evil 4 VR


Resident Evil 4 VR is a great VR port for the iconic game. It is arguably one of the best VR games the Oculus/Meta Quest 2 offers. The game itself is one of the best of its generation, and the developer has done a great job of making it into a VR game.

This VR port turns one of the best Resident Evil games into one of the best games for Oculus Quest 2 and VR in general. The VR game also features upgraded graphics and textures compared to the original game released in 2005. Step into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy and kill zombies in first-person view and exciting gunplay.

Beat Saber (Quest 2 Rhythm Game)


Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game that takes your love of music and dancing to the next level. It is a must-buy title if you are a fan of music and neon punk esthetic. Players have to use lightsabers to slice off blocks in the game while in tune with the musical beats.

They also have to avoid the oncoming walls and occasional bombs. Players are then scored based on their accuracy and timing. They can also change the difficulty from easy up to Expert+.

The base game comes with only ten songs. However, you can buy multiple DLCs that include songs from famous artists such as Imagine Dragons, Panic! at Disco, Green Day, Linkin Park, and BTS. Players can also download mods and custom songs from websites such as Beast Saber and Beat Saver.

Superhot VR


Superhot VR is a brilliant VR game ported for the Oculus Quest 2. It was initially a cult hit indie first-person shooter game released in 2016. The game is even more immersive in VR and reaches its full potential. It uses a unique concept that time only moves when you move. Your task is to use the items in your environment (guns, swords, everyday items) to subdue the oncoming enemies.

You can dodge (or catch) bullets, throw shurikens, and even punch your enemies. The best thing about this VR game is perfecting each level and speedrunning it. Players can replay the game by accessing the endless mode once they finish the campaign.

Population: One (Quest 2 Battle Royale Game)


It seems the battle royale genre has even made its way to VR. Population: One is a VR FPS battle royale game like Fortnite or Apex Legends. The game takes place in a big open area where teams of three players compete to remain the last one standing.

Population: One has some of the best shooting mechanics in VR. It also features player movements such as wingsuit gliding and wall scaling. The game even has cross-play support, rare for the Oculus Quest 2.

I Expect You To Die 1 & 2 (Quest 2 Puzzle Game)


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a super-secret spy like James Bond? I Expect You To Die puts you into the shoes of a secret agent who is on a mission to stop a criminal organization. The game puts in different escape room scenarios filled with convoluted traps. Players are expected to die a few times before figuring out how to complete the mission.

The game also has well-paced storytelling with a unique sense of humor and adventure. Both games have many unique set pieces with interesting new puzzles and locations. There are also several moments where the game simultaneously makes you feel like a genius and an idiot.

The Climb 1 & 2


The Climb is a first-person VR rock climbing game for the Oculus Quest 2. It features multiple exotic locations worldwide, each with its challenges. The game has various mechanics to make it more realistic and challenging for the player.

Each map comes with three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard, alongside two bouldering maps. Players have to maintain their stamina while overcoming different environmental hazards. The game is quite relaxing and visually pleasing, especially in VR.

Pistol Whip (Quest 2 Rhythm Game)


Pistol Whip is one of the most exciting and fun VR games for the Oculus Quest 2. Do you want to feel like John Wick and shoot bad guys with a sick beat playing in the background? That’s precisely what Pistol Whip offers: quick, fast-paced gunplay with great music tracks that makes you feel awesome as you mow down oncoming waves of enemies.

Pistol Whip is Beat Saber but with guns instead of lightsabers. The game has auto-aim, which makes it much easier and more enjoyable to kill the oncoming hoard of enemies. The developers have also been adding new content to the game, such as new maps, soundtracks, gun skins, etc.

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad


Blade & Sorcery is a fan favorite VR melee combat game that is finally available on the Oculus Quest 2. The game is a combat sandbox that puts together melee combat and magic. In this game, the combat is limited only by your imagination.

The only downside is that the game has no story mode or narrative content. However, it is still an excellent game for the Oculus Quest 2 because it showcases the full potential of VR.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter


The Room VR: A Dark Matter is a spooky VR puzzle game similar to an escape room experience in VR. It is the fifth installment in The Room series. The premise of these games is relatively simple: You’re dropped into a small environment where you have to gather clues and solve puzzles to complete the mission.

The game also has a creepy and dark magic-themed style that it uses in puzzles, environments, and storytelling. It’s a shame that the game only has a few levels, as it could do quite well with some extra content.

Echo VR (Quest 2 Sports Game)


If VR had an e-sport game title, the first game that would come to mind would be Echo VR. The developers make the game of the Lone Echo series. They made the game using a similar physics engine and zero gravity mechanics. It is also a free-to-play game, so that it will be a great first title for every new VR user.

It is essentially a team sports game where two teams compete in a zero-gravity room. The game’s objective is similar to football, but players have to score a goal using a disk instead of a soccer ball. Teammates must pass the disk Tron style and use the zero-gravity environment in their favor. All in all, it’s a must-have VR game for the Oculus Quest 2.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is everything you love about real-life golf but in VR. The best thing is that you don’t even have to leave your house. The game even features cross-play so that Oculus users can play with their friends without any issue.

Players can choose from more than eight unique 18-hole courses, each different from the others. The leading golf physics is entirely accurate and feels realistic. However, the best thing about the game is still playing golf with your friends.

Best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 games (Honorable mentions)

These are the best Oculus/Meta Quest 2 games that you play natively on the VR headset. There are also many excellent PC VR games that you can play using the headset, such as Half-Life: Alyx, Pavlov VR, No Mans Sky VR, etc. You can check out our other article on the best VR games to play.

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