How to Make Your Own Edible Water Bottle At Home

eatable water blobs
eatable water blobs


Do you too ‘flinch’ at the sight of all that garbage dump and plastic waste that is ruining the Ecosystem, hoping that ‘someday, someone would invent something’ that would cut this dangerous plastic out of our lives?

A good news for all the samaritans out there. A team of industrial design students utilizing molecular gastronomy have created an edible and hygienic water container. The process termed as spherification, allows the liquids to be shaped into solid spheres. It would be like filling the water inside a thin and edible plastic polythene.

How to make this edible water bottle at home?

In the spherification process of water, brown algae (sodium alginate) and calcium chloride are mixed to form a gel-like substance encapsulating the water. Calcium ions replace the Sodium ions from the organic compound of algae to form a 3-D mesh layered structure surrounding the water.


This is a very simple method as these edible water bottles can be made at home too. Few questions are, however, put every time when the talks about edible packaging surface. Like, “the durability of the packaging” during the shipment and of course inside the backpacks, contamination of the packaging and if the chemicals could cause any harm.

If you ever think of making an edible water blob at home, then do not worry for any of the aforementioned things to happen.

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Researchers are working to develop better and improved solutions towards edible packaging. If in the coming years this project achieves success and is deemed fit for consumers, then not only will it be cost effective, but also reduce the enormous consumption and subsequent plastic waste.

Thus, the plastic bottles that comprise of a major chunk of the non-biodegradable waste throughout the world could soon be receded with these edible water bottles.

Watch the DIY below:

Edible water bottle via Inhabitat

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