Dress Which Broke the Internet: The Color Mystery Finally Solved

Via: https://swiked.tumblr.com/
Via: https://swiked.tumblr.com/
Via: https://swiked.tumblr.com/

It’s an old fact that the internet went crazy over this picture of a dress. This mystery dress whose picture was uploaded on Tumblr a few days ago, created a havoc on social media sites and was a hot topic of discussion in the real world too. It seemed as if every person who ain’t living under a rock was having an unalterable opinion about the color of this dress. Whole world was divided between those who saw it as golden and white and blue and black.

The picture is right in front of me and I find it golden and white. Majority of the people around me are seeing it the same and a few are calling it blue and black. So which team is right?

The latest episode of AsapSCIENCE tells that both the teams are right. Surprised enough?

What is the science behind it?

This is so because our eyes are doing their jobs in the same way and it’s our brain which is doing the trick. If a color is shown to us with some shadows, it tries to make up for that. For example if we are shown brown color in shadowy context, our brain will do some magic and by performing the compensation, it will make it appear much lighter, maybe orange.

The fact which is behind all this color-fuss is the background of the dress. If you look at the background, you won’t see much of the surroundings, so your brain again wakes up and starts making assumptions. If it interprets as a dress in a slightly blue-lit room (if hung near a window with a sunny blue sky outside), you will see the dress golden and white.

In the other case, if your brain interprets the dress in an artificially-lit setting like a room with yellow light, the brain seen the golden color just as a reflection of black and believes the blue has been unaffected.

So this ambiguous image lets your brain go crazy and depending upon how and where you view the image, you see a particular color.

What is the actual color of the dress?
Okay, let me tell you the real color of the dress. The color is blue and black and below are the pictures of the same dress in a distinguished background where your brain won’t be fooled again.

So this wicked dress is blue and black. Damnit! :/


Do you agree with the above explanation? What color do you see? Do tell us in comments below!
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