‘Samsung Superfast Portable Power’ Is The Latest Samsung Trademark For High-Speed Power Banks

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Samsung may be planning to disrupt the portable power bank industry, as per a new finding by SamMobile. They spotted Samsung’s filing for a trademark called “Samsung Superfast Portable Power.” The term has all the words you would find in a description for a portable power bank product.

Samsung already makes power banks which are just like every other brand offers. But trademarking such a name could mean that it is working on a new charging technology that could ramp up speed or offer big battery packs.

What to expect from Samsung’s Superfast Portable Power?

At this point, nothing is clear, so everything is a possibility. Samsung could be working on new charging technology or planning to capture the accessories market for premium products by offering fast chargers and power banks that are different from the rest.

Trademarking a name usually means that a company is sitting on something super unique and doesn’t want it to be duplicated that easily. So, Samsung may have developed a more efficient method to charge its portable devices. If you check out the flagship products of Samsung, they don’t have crazy fast charging speeds or high wattage chargers, which are becoming increasingly common with Chinese smartphone brands.

Fast charging a battery has its troubles, but no customer wants to wait an hour or two to refuel their flagship devices. When OnePlus and other affordable brands offer 30-45 min charging technology, Samsung users must feel a little disappointed. Well, that’s just our theory, but if you ask anyone, they would prefer a fast charger and bigger battery in their phones.

Samsung’s trademark could also mean a new lineup of power banks that could also support fast charging and offer the same to the user. Powerbank takes a long time to charge, and if that time is cut short, it will benefit the user. There are already many power banks that offer fast charging capabilities, and Samsung isn’t the first one in this area. The next lineup of Samsung Galaxy phones could come with greater fast charging capabilities and hopefully a charger in the box!

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