Samsung Gets Patents For A Rollable Smartphone

Samsung Rollable Smartphone
Image: Patently Mobile

Samsung has been granted a patent for a rollable smartphone. The company has been working on scrollable displays since 2015. Earlier last week, the U.S. Patents office published a report granting Samsung patents for a future smartphone with a scrollable display.

Samsung’s Display division is a pioneer in the industry. The company was one of the first to introduce Super AMOLED display technology. Not just that, It was Samsung who first commercially released a successful Foldable smartphone. Now the company is working on a rollable smartphone.

Samsung Rollable Smartphone

Image: Patently Apple

Samsung has also confirmed that they have been working on a Quantum Dot OLED Panel. The panel will be used in devices with a rollable/scrollable display. It is good news for Samsung as well as Apple fans, as Samsung is likely to make displays for the foldable iPhone.

Apple has several patents for future devices with scrollable displays. If Samsung can commercialize rollable displays, Apple will be among the first companies to release devices with a scrollable screens.

Samsung is not the only company working on rollable. Earlier in November 2020, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo announced the world’s first viable scrollable display smartphone. After almost a year of waiting, Oppo came up with Find N.

It was a foldable smartphone, not a rollable one. It is unclear what’s gone wrong in developing the Oppo rollable smartphone. Whether it was the display breaking or Samsung made a deal with Oppo not to create a rollable smartphone.

Now when Samsung has received a patent for rollable displays. We might see a commercial rollable smartphone in the coming years. What are your thoughts about a rollable smartphone? Do you think they are practical, or it is just hype? Do let us know in the comments.

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