Florida Man Watches Spider-Man: No Way Home Nearly 300 Times, Sets World Record

Ramiro Alanis watched Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times!

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Florida Man Watches Spider-Man: No Way Home Nearly 300 Times, Sets World Record
Image: Guinness World Record website

Ramiro Alanis who hails from Florida, USA made a Guinness World Record for watching Spider-Man: No Way Home. He made a record once again for “the most cinema productions attended of the same film.” Ramiro watched Spider-Man: No Way Home 292 times until the movie was finally removed from screening.

Who is Ramiro Alanis?

Ramiro Alanis is the world record holder for “the most cinema productions attended of the same film.” This wasn’t his first attempt at this record because he already did it once for Avengers: Endgame. But his record was broken by Arnaud Klein, who watched a movie 204 times. So, Spider-Man: No Way Home was his attempt to reclaim the title, which he did by watching the movie 292 times. That is a staggering lead of 88 times over the previous record holder.

Ramiro Alanis dedicated the record to his late grandmother, who passed away before Ramiro made his first Guinness World record. She passed a few months before he created the record of watching Avengers; Endgame 191 times.

Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Guinness World Record Conditions

The conditions for “the most cinema productions attended of the same film” record were difficult, to begin with. The Florida Man needed to watch the entire movie in one sitting without any breaks. That included zero bathroom breaks too! It must have been very hard for Ramiro to maintain composure for so long. The authorities disqualified his 11 attempts for the previous record when he took bathroom breaks.

Another condition was to watch the complete Spider-Man: No Way Home movie including the post-credits scene. He couldn’t look at his phone even for a second. Moreover, he had to keep all of the movie stubs and someone from the theater had to vouch for him watching the complete movie.

Physical and Mental Health Ordeals

Ramiro Alanis watched 5 shows of Spider-Man: No Way Home daily. That took a toll on his mental health and caused severe headaches because of watching the same movie. His daily watch time was 12 hours and 20 minutes. After watching it 292 times, he can recite almost every dialogue at the exact timestamp.

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Ramiro is also a fitness enthusiast and lost quite a bit of weight during his record attempt. He lost 7.25 kgs of muscle mass during the three-month span of watching Spider-Man: No Way Home. But he is happy that he created a record that seems unsurpassable. He addressed all the competitors and said, “If anyone tries to break my record again, I want them to think twice before attempting it.

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