Apple Wins 61 Patents For Foldable iPhone, Apple Watch Gestures

Apple dreamt about foldables long ago, and it's still a dream.

Apple Wins 61 Patents
Image Credits: Apple Patently

Apple won 61 patents for its proposed designs of new products as well as modifications to existing ones, according to the data published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Among the list of patents are ideas for foldable phones, gestures for Apple Watch, and much more exciting tech.

Notable Apple patents from the report

Out of the 61 patents listed, the ones related to foldable devices steal the limelight. If you note the date of the patents, Apple envisioned the foldable devices a while back. It filed the foldable devices patents in 2011, however, it is surprising that Apple hasn’t released a foldable device yet. While Chinese brands and Samsung are top on the list of foldable, Apple’s foldable iPhone is still a rumor.

Apple Patents for foldable phone
Source: Patently Apple

The images from Apple Patently reveal some interesting designs of foldable phones. The first image showcases a device that folds in half like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. It illustrates what the flexible display would look like and use a hinge to fold inwards.

In another foldable patent image, there is a concept of a double-folding phone that could offer an even bigger display size. Moreover, Apple hints at using other mechanisms instead of hinges, including magnetic structures, snaps, or even interlocking mechanisms.

Apple Watch motion and gesture Input

In this patent, motion sensors could be used to understand the movement of the user’s arm. Based on these movements, the sensors can understand the gestures and then perform an action on the Apple Watch. The figures depict waving and rotational gestures meant to trigger specific actions on the watch. For instance, using anti-clockwise movement to disconnect a call or wave right to track vitals.

One of the patents that Apple won, was for the MagSafe case design. Another patent reveals the implementation of wireless charging using solenoids. You can find the list of the 61 patents on the Apple Patently website.

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