Samsung Secretly Unveiled Their Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone At CES 2018, Says Report

samsung galaxy x foldable phone
samsung galaxy x foldable phone
Apart from the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, there is another Samsung flagship device that the tech world is eagerly waiting to get their hands on – the foldable smartphone, dubbed Galaxy X.

While the device seems to be nowhere near an expected release, it is known that Samsung revealed the same at CES 2018 in front of a private audience on January 10, says a report by The Korea Herald.

“Samsung Display said it has developed a 7.3-inch foldable panel with plans to start production later this year,” an anonymous source said.

According to the report, Samsung also shared the launch schedule with the private clients during the meeting. Another source told the publication that the development of the foldable Samsung device is ‘almost finished’ which would raise launch expectations.

The upcoming Samsung device would arrive in two versions: an infolding type smartphone which could go into production sometime around November this year. Another is an outfolding type having lesser curvature rate (5R) than infolding (1R) but with more advanced next-generation technology to address durability issues.

Until now, all the company has revealed about their device is Samsung Electronics chief DJ Koh finding it difficult to talk about the launch date as it “seems a bit early”. Last year, in September, Koh gathered attention by announcing that Samsung’s foldable phone could release sometime in 2018.

Another recently published Korean media report has hinted towards an expected launch date for Samsung’s foldable phone in December 2018 or possibly early next year.

The flexible OLED display would be developed by March, and the production would start in September with the final version coming out in November. There are several production issues, maybe software based and related to the OLED display. The goal is to create a display that doesn’t develop creases and folds smoothly.

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