Russian Hackers Read Barack Obama’s Emails: Report

russian hackers read obama emails
russian hackers read obama emails

American President Barack Obama’s emails were accessed by Russian hackers last October in a White House security breach, according to the NYT report. The emails that were read during this computer system breach were of unclassified nature. Earlier this month, officials admitted that White House security system was hacked by Russian hackers.

According to the officers involved in the investigation, the servers handling President’s Backberry were not breached, instead, the emails were retrieved from the email archives of his contacts.

Many senior officials in White House have two computer systems in their offices for unclassified communication and are connected to the outside world.

Even though the officials said that the information accessed was unclassified, this could have involved sensitive information related to Obama’s schedules, memos or some strategic discussions.

The number of emails accessed wasn’t disclosed and nothing was told about the sensitivity and content. The very own email account of President doesn’t appear as hacked.

This should be noted that these hacking incidents are taking place at the moment of tension between Russia and United States due to the Cremia issue. The Chinese hacking groups are busy stealing commercial and design info, the Russian hackers are targeting the political matters.

Back during the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama was targeted by Chinese hackers. In another old news, the Pentagon’s unclassified military network was hacked.

This recent hack also lead to the partial shutdown of White House email system and till the end of October, the Russian hackers were swept away.

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