8 New Google Maps Features Launched On Its 15th Birthday

New features and tabs added in Google Maps
Google Maps UI redesigned

On its 15th birthday, Google has introduced new Google Maps features. The logo and icon have been refreshed and the app UI has undergone a major overhaul along with several modifications.

Existing pages and features of Google Maps have now been divided into five tabs place at the bottom of the app screen. In March 2020, the update consisting of augmented reality and public transit will launch for Android and iPhone.

Previously, there were two tabs on the home screen of Google Maps, that is, Explore and Commute. Now, these two tabs have been cataloged into five different tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates.

New Tabs In Google Maps


1. Saved

As per the stats, users have saved around 6.5 billion places on Google Maps. With this new tab, people can view all the saved places in the same place. The tab will play a vital role in going on trips and making travel plans. The tab will also recommend places based on an individual’s map history.

2. Contribute

Millions of people contribute to Google Maps by providing information which makes it convenient for people while traveling. In this tab, one can share information about a local area including business reviews, photos, addresses, etc.

3. Updates

This tab will provide the user with the trending and must-visit places near them. Local experts and publishers will provide information regarding the trending places in a nearby area.

Latest Google Maps Features


To help people in planning and executing hassle-free travels, Google has also added some cool features to the Google maps service.

4. Temperature

For a convenient ride, people can check the current temperature as described by previous riders, before heading out.

5. Women’s Section

This section will help in areas where commuting systems have dedicated women’s sections such as coaches or reserved seats, and other details to contribute to women’s safety and convenience.

6. Carriages availability

This feature will help people in selecting a route based on the number of carriages in a train or metro available on the route. As of now, the service only available for Japan.

7. Accessibility

Through this feature, users with special abilities can get to know about accessible entrance, seating and other facilities in the public transit lines. Users can also find Hi-visible LED and stop button.

8. Security onboard

This feature will guide about security cameras, helpline numbers and guards present in an area.

Please note that some Google Maps features are only available in specific countries. One such example is the carriage availability feature in Japan.


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