Reddit Killed Chat Room Feature Within 1 Day Of Launch: Here’s Why

Reddit killed chat room feature a day after rollout

Reddit has killed the chat room feature launched by it for the subreddits on the platform. The decision has been taken by the company because the feature had a lot of bugs. The start chatting button was removed from all the subreddits just a few hours after its launch.

A major bug in the start chatting feature made the button appear on all the subreddits. In many cases, the button didn’t work when the user tapped on it. Another major bug prevented users from joining a group or participate in a chat. As reported by The Verge, the site-wide bug in the feature forced Reddit to roll back the feature.

Vice President’s Take

Product and community vice president at Reddit, Alex Le, said that the company is working to resolve the issue and till then, the feature is being removed from Reddit and the start chatting button will be removed from all the subreddits.

On the other hand, Reddit has also received positive feedback regarding the feature in the meantime as a lot of users found the feature convenient.

Reddit also stated that the start chatting feature will allow the moderators of the subreddits to remove the chat room button from their communities as per their preference.

We’re expecting Reddit to roll out the feature again after fixing the underlying bugs and that could take a while.

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